27 December 2021

The Second Day of Christmas 2021

Hello - I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day if you celebrate, and a wonderful long weekend in any case.  Ours was really enjoyable, and I'll have some pictures for you this week, I promise.  

This morning I had an appointment at 7:30 a.m. for my annual mammogram.  Now, every year I tell The Tim that I should get 50% off the cost, but he always points out that since insurance is paying for it, I should just not worry.  Which is a good point, but ANYWAY, on my walk over I stopped and took this photo:

This is the 1700-1900 block of a street in our neighborhood (the photo is taken from the end of the 1900 block).  Spoiler alert - these lights are up all year.  But nonetheless, they make me even happier when I see them during Christmastime.  It really is lovely to walk down these blocks, and be within the lights, and see the houses decorated.  For the rest of the year, they provide happiness whenever you walk past these blocks, but it just seems extra special right now.  And when it has just snowed, it really looks magical!

Earlier this year at some point, I had just received a refund check for something from my health insurance when Joanna of Stitching the High Notes started offering her Holiday Boxes.  She provided an overall idea of what would be included, and mentioned that it would be twelve days' worth of goodies. 

Now, as you know if you have read this blog for a while, that we celebrate Christmastime starting December 1 and ending on January 6.  I have always wished that the indie dyers who make Advent calendars would mix it up and also offer something for the 12 Days of Christmas, because it would be fun to still have some surprises to open.  

OK, so when I saw Joanna's description of her boxes, there I was with a refund check that would cover it.  When I asked The Tim if he thought I should use the money for that, he said something to the effect of "Do what you like with it - it's money you didn't think you had anyway."  So I ordered one, and it arrived in late November.  

Yesterday, I realized that it was the first of the 12 Days of Christmas, so I could open the first package!  It was a really lovely winter-themed project bag with a contrasting base in sparkly fabric, which is both a nice size, and really well-made.  Today, there was a very nice thermal mug.  Here they are:

Nice, right?  I'm so thrilled to have some surprises left!  The rest of the packages look smaller than either of these, so I'm intrigued as to what my be inside of them.  

Today is colder than it has been lately (which I welcome) but kind of dreary, so it's a good day to cozy up inside and read, knit, or whatever I decide to do.  The Tim had to work today, so it's just me and the critters, and it's not like they are complaining that nothing is going on.

I hope you can also enjoy your Second Day of Christmas, no matter what you may or may not be doing.  Take care.


KSD said...

OMG I love, love Christmas lights, no matter what time of year they're up.

I thought of you several times on Christmas Day. You are my Spirit of Christmas Present.

Kim in Oregon said...

Wonderful wonderful lights!

Araignee said...

What a lovely place to walk!
I love that bag and that mug. The Mister wanted a Yeti cup for coffee for Christmas and I couldn't find one anywhere that could deliver it before the 25th so he's getting a second Christmas too when it gets here.

Dee said...

A very nice surprise. Joanna makes beautiful bags. Does the cup have her logo on it? That would be nice too.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Wow! Those are great suprises!!! That bag is so cute!

Nance said...

I love that lighted walkway.

The bag and mug are such nice presents for yourself. I'm glad you got that box.

Helen said...

Those are GOOD surprise gifts for 12 days! I look forward to the rest of them as I suppose you do too. :) Happy New Year

karen said...

what a gorgeous photo you captured at the right time :) I hope your mammo came out just fine. I celebrate until the first then I take things down.