24 June 2022

Do You Know What Today Is?

Yes, it's the last Friday in June, but it's apparently also Take Your Dog to Work Day!  All I can think of his how happy it would have made both Dug and Hamlet to go to work with one of us - especially Hamlet, since he was used to going with his previous person all of the time.  😊  

This meme showed up in a couple of places today, and I just love it:

Anyway, whether you have a dog or can/cannot take them to work, I hope your Friday goes well, and that you have a good weekend.  


Nance said...

I'm trying to imagine either Sam or Jared taking Zydrunas to work with him. It would be utter chaos in so many ways.

Love that meme. It applies to so many people at their jobs, doesn't it? LOL

I know you miss your Golden Boys. XO

Pointy Little Sticks said...

Wait a dang minute ................that's discrimination!

When is take your CAT to work day? (Oh my ... can you IMAGINE????)

Anyways ............I hope someone brings a lovely dog in to YOUR work today.

Ellen D. said...

Happy Friday to you too!

Kim in Oregon said...

As Dee said, it should be 'take your animal companion' to work day, and I think our Quaker Parakeet would be happy to go to an office and annoy everyone there.

Araignee said...

When The Mister was a letter carrier on Daughter's route he used to pick up her dog and ride her around in the mail truck. It was against all postal regulations but he didn't care. The dog loved it and so did all the customers. When he retired he brought the dog home and she lived with us for the rest of her days. She was too lonely all by herself all day without her daily visit by the mailman.

karen said...

Frodo needs too much attention to go to anybody's work place!! He can't sit still unless he is sitting beside you on the loveseat.

Kym said...

Now that Tom works for himself, with an office at home, JoJo goes to work with him nearly every day! I think taking your dog to work is a GREAT concept! :-)