05 December 2022

So Much For Holiday Zen

About a week ago, Pip was sitting on my lap, and we were discussing all of the holiday preparations we had to do. At one point, I looked directly at him, and this is what I saw:

And I thought, Yes Pip, let's try to let this Christmastime be one where we have a chance to relax - or in his case, enjoy some zen moments.

I had been doing pretty well with that, and then Blogger decided that it was not on board with such a decision. If you comment on a post, and I have your e-mail address, you may have noticed that sometimes, you get a response from me to several of your comments at once. That's because a lot of times, I'll wait until I have a block of time to respond, so that I can actually take my time. So I'd been doing that, and thinking that it was all working.

Until last week, when a LOT of the responses I'd sent came back as "Undeliverable." So I went to Blogger and decided to see if I could respond *in* the comments (which I generally avoid doing, since frankly I never look at anyone else's blog comments to see if they have responded to me). And I got the error message "You do not have the proper permissions to comment on this platform." Huh?

So I could write the post, read the post, but not comment myself or respond to comments. I contacted Blogger Help, and to their credit (I guess) someone named Jim wrote back and said that "Blogger was currently experiencing some issues with permissions, images, and comments. Please be patient, we expect this to be resolved early in December." 

So if you have commented recently, and I usually do respond to you, please know I'm not ignoring you. And granted, this is not interfering with my holiday "zen" in the sense that it's related to the holidays, it's just something that is annoying and happens to be taking place during this time. 

Hopefully this week, things will be resolved, and I can go back to my attempts to Be Like Pip. 😉

We'll see.


Ellen D. said...

I didn't realize that you respond to comments. I rarely get a response from you and I didn't see any responses on other comments. I usually check back to see if I have gotten a response but some bloggers respond and some don't, so I don't get offended or anything. I didn't realize it is a Blogger problem. Since I don't blog, I know nothing about that.
Good luck straightening it out and don't let it spoil your holiday zen! :)

Dee said...

On one hand Blogger is the easiest platform to use.

On another . . . they can really mess with your Zen.

Hope your problem gets resolved quickly. They STILL (after years) have not fixed that I can't auto reply to anyone with a Verizon.net or AOL email address because I don't every SEE their comments in my email.

Thankfully, I can check the comment section to read those comments.

karen said...

blogger is goofy at times but I've been using it for so long that I don't want to switch and learn another system (lazy!!).

Kim in Oregon said...

You'd think Blogger would have figured it all out by now. I had another online program experience a huge glitch as well. Frustrating!

Araignee said...

I've never been able to figure out Blogger's comment thing. It's different on every blog I visit and some of them won't accept what I write no matter how many times I try. Sometimes I can't even reply to anyone on my own blog. My reading list also disappears from time to time and posts I read show up days after they've been published. And don't get me started on the font size. I have to check and re-check the previews to make sure it doesn't look like I posted something while under the influence. Oh, well...at least it's free.

KSD said...

Oh, I've Been Like Pip for more than a week now.

Kym said...

Blog platforms can be oh-so-annoying. . . I hope you won't let the comment-hassles keep you from maintaining your holiday zen-state! (Pip has the right idea.) XO