21 August 2017

An FO Post for Eclipse Monday

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a good weekend.  Ours was fantastic in Baltimore - though the last part of the trip driving there was blinding, torrential rain.  It could only go up from there, right?  Well, it definitely did!  And ... I took zero pics of anything.  Others took a few, so if we are FB friends you may have seen them.  But for a brief recap, it's mostly The Tim in his Mr. Bean t-shirt on our boat ride.  Good times!

I am quite pleased, because finally - between arthritis flareup, falling and banging one of my hands, and just general other stuff-ness - I have an FO to show you!  [cue applause and awe]


Project:  Bridget's Social Security Number Socks
Pattern:  I just use my go-to plain vanilla sock pattern for worsted weight yarn.  It's based on Classic Socks for the Family from Yankee Knitter Designs (Rav link)
Needles:  Size 5US
Yarns:  All of the yarns used at Plymouth Encore Worsted Weight yarn, left over from various and sundry projects over the years (trust me, I have plenty left!)
Modifications:  I striped the pattern, but otherwise nothing else
Notes:  These are QUICK.  Each one took only a few evenings or weekend afternoons to complete.  I made the gray one first and though I like it, decided it was too "serious."  So I decided to make socks that matched but didn't match, and changed around a couple of the colors.  I like they way they look and the fact that they are a quick project is quite satisfying.

These will go and live in my Box o' Socks until next year, when I can pull them out and wear them during the cold months in our house.  We have hardwood floors, so it can feel pretty chilly!

Since The Tim is on vacation this week, I decided to take time also.   We will be taking day trips and also doing stuff around the house/garden, taking The Koodle and Jack for vet appts, and other various things.  This afternoon, we're going to walk over to the Schuykill River Park, since Philadelphia is supposed to get an 80% effect of the eclipse.  It's a beautiful clear day, so we will be able to recognize that it's actually happening.  We have our eclipse glasses ready to go.  In a way, this works out to be our big activity for the day - our weekend was quite busy, so a day of more or less down time works well.

And that's that.  I hope this will be a good week for everyone.  Today would be my father's 101st birthday, which I just cannot imagine, and as you saw in my Friday post, it would be our Tess' birthday as well.  In another odd coincidence of life, The Tim's dad also had his birthday on August 21st!  How weird is that?  So happy birthday to three of the best!  We love you and miss you every single day.


Bonny said...

Great socks, and I hope you don't have to kick anyone down on the floor counting rows!

Tired Teacher said...

Your socks will be fun to wear: I love them!

A bit cloudy here in the totality belt, but it hasn't deterred people from coming. My house is in the approach area for the small regional airport. Plane of all sizes have been coming in all morning. I don't think the small airport has seen this much activity - ever.

The yarn package should be delivered today.: for some reason it was delayed. Enjoy

Araignee said...

Mr. Bean!!! I love Mr. Bean. Those socks are so much fun....

Anonymous said...

Love those socks. They'll not only be warm, but very cheerful when the weather isn't very nice.

Vera said...

Love your socks. They will feel so cozy this winter. Happy vacation time ' enjoy!

Kym said...

Wow! Those socks are FUN!!! I hope you enjoyed "eclipsing." I was amazed at how cool it really was!!!

Mereknits said...

Great socks Bridget. So gla dyou had a fun trip.

elns said...

The socks are FANTASTIC!!

I sending you "keep away the arthritis flare-up" wishes.

I am wishing you a wonderful week. Have fun!

karen said...

lovely socks and I hope you have fun with your day tripping this week :)