09 August 2017

Halfway and Beginnings

Hello all - I hope your week has been going well.  Mine has been ... well, fine,  especially since we are again enjoying lovely summer weather, with low heat and no humidity.  Mornings are cool enough to wear a sweater while walking to work, which makes me happy.

Today I thought I'd join up again with Kat and others for Unraveled Wednesdays.  

Reading-wise, I started this at lunchtime the other day, and even though so far I've been only able to read during lunchtimes, I'm about halfway through (it's a short book).

So far, it's interesting - about life in modern-day Ireland during the recession when so many lost their financial safety nets.  Each chapter is told by a different character, and you learn how their stories are woven together while still being separate.

Moving on to knitting, I have one of my Social Security Number socks finished - I forgot how quickly worsted weight socks knit up!  I tried but could not get a decent photo, so you'll see them another day.  And I cast on the second sock, and think I might make some of the colors represent different numbers, so I can have socks that are the same but different.  Since they are to wear around the house, it will be fun to have a really odd pair. :-)

So those are underway, but I really wanted to work on some other things as well.  I've reached the lace border part of my Scattered Wishes shawl, which means only one or two rows at any given time, as even the simplest of lace patterns can be misinterpreted big time by me.  I'll get there, but I can't just sit and knit on that like I used to be able to do.

The answer: start another pair of socks and swatch for another project.

On the left, is the yarn for socks, from Yarn Ink, a new dyer (at least to me).  It's difficult to photograph, since it is very light, but trust me, it's AMAZINGLY PRETTY, with colors and speckles throughout.  The colorway is Beach Life, and so far I have a bit of a cuff knit, and oh do I love it!  

The yarn on the right is Quince and Co. Tern in the Dusk colorway.  Depending on the light, it looks lavender, or slightly gray, or purple-blue.  Even though it's August, I want to swatch for this pattern, and even if I can't wear it until next spring/summer, I'll have it, right?  

You may ask, why am I even thinking of knitting a garment, when I have - at best - a spotty history with garments?  Well, I just want to give it a try, and do it as properly as possible.  I *think* I have a much better understanding of swatching than I used to, after a class I took a couple of years ago at Loop.  Believe me, I'll keep you posted!

What are you reading and knitting these days?  Are you involved in any make-alongs in preparation for Rhinebeck?  I've noticed a few seem to be getting underway.  As you know, whenever I join a KAL or something similar, I seem to have a severe attack of knitter's block.  And since I'm not going to Rhinebeck (though I would certainly LOVE to someday!), I'm just going to enjoy seeing what others are making and enjoy their anticipation.  Vicarious knitting and travel can still be fun, you know?


Nance said...

I'm still trying to get back to reading. It's a tough process, but I'm having some success by reading Old Familiars. At present, it's The Great Gatsby (such gorgeous and jam-packed writing. So much symbolism!) and my old, old favourite, Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself". The latter is really helping me unwind at the end of the day or when I just need some beauty in my life.

Good for you, starting new projects! I'm getting bored with my Endless Shawl, and I'm ready for something quick and little. Sounds like some teddy bears or dishcloths or catnip mice...just for the variety.

Bonny said...

Ooh, that Yarn Ink is indeed beautiful, and I made the mistake of looking at more of it on ravelry. Now I want it all, and will look forward to seeing your socks!

Tired Teacher said...

Dusk is the perfect name for the yarn: it's a great color.

I stopped reading after my surgery: my medication addled brain could not concentrate long enough to read, and I kept slipping into the Land of Nod. Soon, I hope to resume my reading.

Unknown said...

I am re-reading "The DaVinci Code" and knitting the Monterey Tee by Gagnon. I am also trying to sift through 43 years of accumulated stuff as we prepare to downsize from 2400 square feet on 3.3 acres to a 1300 square foot condo. I think a match would solve everything.

Araignee said...

Oh....Rhinebeck. You made me sad. I won't be going again this year. Too many pets to get up and go these days. Once the kids all move out you lose your pet sitters. There is something about those millennials moving back home that isn't all bad.

Vera said...

Part of me wants to go to Rhinebeck and part of me thinks it would probably drive me crazy - too many people, too much to see, etc., etc. Your new yarn is wonderful. Love both skeins. Main Street will look fabulous is the Dusk yarn. Great choice. I'm still on the same old, same old...but also still enjoying, and that's what counts. I did finish 2 books over the weekend. Will try to get a post up about them.

Kym said...

I LOVED The Spinning Heart! One of my favorite books a couple of years ago. . . (definitely not to everyone's taste, but I loved it). Have fun with your knitting. (I've been doing pretty much NO knitting lately. Hope to have some time again soon.) XO

Caffeine Girl said...

I just love your speckled yarn! And who doesn't love Quince & Co. yarns?
I'm not going to Rhinebeck, either, although I usually go to Wisconsin Sheep and Yarn, which is far less crowded -- but still has a lot of vendors.
I have a spotty history with garments, too, but I've been working on a sweater. It's just so tempting because there are so many great patterns out there.

Anonymous said...

Seriously??? Cool mornings already??? Oh how I wish for that.

I'm reading My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry. I'm only two chapters in so far, but it is good.

I'm liking it even better than A Man Called Ove.

Knitting ..... a bit of this and a bit of that.

handmade by amalia said...

Low heat and no humidity??? I'm coming right over.

AsKatKnits said...

I have also been relishing these unseasonable mornings!! And, that does look like an interesting book! Thank you!

karen said...

tern is one of my all time favorite yarns to make a sweater with. The texture and the feel is decadent. Love the other yarn as well. I am dreading the return of humidity....

Lorraine said...

Bridget- In anticipation of cooler weather, I have begun a sweater called "Halyard" which is ultimately wearable, in a divine colour called Smoke.

Not going to Rhinebeck, as I have a wedding in November- but I probably wouldn't go anyway. Once was enough for me.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love that Dusk yarn!