13 August 2017

Random on Sunday

We are having a lovely day today.  The weather is nice (no humidity!), and the sky is bright blue with the puffiest clouds you could imagine.  We spent pleasant 1 1/2 hours at the pool (city pools close this coming Friday, we are trying to fit in as many visits as possible), where there were others around but it wasn't crazy busy (it probably is by now).  Came home, and I did some kitty cuddling while watching a podcast, and then after a few attempts, I successfully sewed together the shoulder seams on my long-finished-and-blocked-but-still-in-pieces Custom Fit sweater.  (Next up - sleeves!)  And now I am enjoying a glass of wine while sitting here writing this post.

Makes it seem like the world is nothing but perfect.  Of course it isn't and it never has been.  And this past week, especially yesterday's events in Charlottesville, Virginia prove that.  There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said.  Suffice it to say that I am angry, heartsick, and depressed at what our country has become under someone who is so despicable, I can't even mention his name.  I am hoping, praying, and doing what I can to not just battle the feelings, but the ideas and the person.  We are better than this, and if we all step up, we'll be able to prove it.

Moving on to other topics, I have been trying really hard lately to pay more and better attention to what I eat and drink, and also trying to be more active.  I used to do a good job of all of that, without really thinking about it, but slipped back into bad habits.  I'm happy to report that in the past couple of weeks, I have been making real progress, and it's starting to feel like "normal" again instead of a huge effort.

Alas, I'm having another arthritis flareup, so my current knitting projects are languishing.  I know it's a waiting game until it all calms down, but it is frustrating nonetheless.  At least I can still read!

A retired curator at work who still comes in every day, gave me 5 tomatoes from his wife's garden, because he said they are being overwhelmed with tomatoes.  They are some of the juiciest, most tomato-ey tomatoes I've had this summer!  The Tim and I are hoping that he'll bring more.  He usually brings in goodies from his garden and offers them to us, and fortunately for me, I'm the only one who likes tomatoes!  (What is wrong with people???)

The other day on my way to work, I saw a woman walking an Old English Sheepdog.  He was the friendliest dog, and when I went to walk away, he tried to come with me.  The woman said that I was the first person who paid him any attention that morning on their walk.  (Again, what is wrong with people???)

My sister in  California called today, and was telling me that in the next few months, she is going to be really busy traveling.  My brother-in-law does workshops related to a specific part of business training, and goes all over the place doing them.  They have requested his workshop in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai, among other places, and Nancy is going along because she figures it will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go.  She said the flight from LA to Kuala Lumpur is 25 hours.  OK, that would be the down side ...

We are headed to Baltimore next weekend, and I am ridiculously excited about it.  I always look forward to going, and we always have the best time, but this time I am looking forward to it more than ever.  I think because we haven't really gone anywhere since Memorial Day, and that seems a long time ago.

Before then, however, I have my annual visit to the gynecologist tomorrow, and a haircut appt on Wednesday.  This week will be busier than any I've had for a while.  I'm not really looking forward to the first one, though I'm not dreading it either.  But ... well, you know.  Not something that is exactly "fun."  I am looking forward to getting my hair cut, since it's looking a bit shaggy.  It's just at the point where you start to think you might cut it yourself.  Fortunately, I have learned my lesson there.

Hopefully this will be a good week.  Let's do what we can to make it so!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

If you lived closer, I'd give you my cherry tomatoes. Dave only eats a few and I don't eat them at all. I just like to grow them.
We end up giving most of them away.

Bonny said...

I'm glad for the nice day, pool time, your appreciation of tomatoes, and friendliness towards dogs, but not for your arthritis flareup, and the darkness and hatred. I do appreciate your reminders that there is still a lot of good in the world, and am with you on doing what we can to make it better.

karen said...

I hope your flare ends soon - so not fun! I could give you a zucchini or two :) This low humidity is simply the best! My husband is sad that it's not hot but I'm joyful. My weekend was relaxing overall and for that I'm thankful.

Anonymous said...

There is a rally across the street from our apartment to protest what went on in Charlottesville. There is one man standing out there (with police protection) waving a Confederate flag ...........yes, he has a right to his opinion. On the other hand, he's probably also there to incite anger.

I got so fed up with reading all the stupid things people are writing about politics that I deleted my Facebook account. I just couldn't take it anymore. The ugliness was just too much.

Hope you have a fine week and a great mini-vacation to Baltimore.

Araignee said...

I've been sick about what happened in VA too. When I was kitty sitting I had the news on all day and it tooks its toll on me. I actually feel ill. What a world we live in. I thought we got all this straightened out in the 60's.

AsKatKnits said...

It was a sad weekend, and I am with you on finding a way to make the world better (at least in my corner of the world). I hope your flare up is soon passed and you are back knitting!

Nance said...

I'm with you: bring me all the tomatoeyist tomatoes, and I will take every last one of them. I cannot have too many.

One of my college friends had a gorgeous, huge, floppy English Sheepdog named Zebedee. He was terrific. I could not get enough of him, either.

And I am forever chopping at my own bangs and destroying any hope of them ever being salvageable by the time I get to a stylist for an overall cut or trim. I never learn. EVER.

As far as the tragic sadness of VA and the ongoing travesty of our country since that demented old moron announced his candidacy, I cannot even speak of it anymore. Which, I suppose, is how so much ugliness has rushed in to fill the void. I have not surrendered; I just will not lower myself to fight like a savage.

Vera said...

Sorry about your flare-up - hoping that ends soon. Your weekend sounds nice though. And enjoy your get-away to Baltimore - always a fun place to visit.

Tired Teacher said...

Until more good people take a stand, anger, hatred, and evil will become stronger and more visible. It all starts in our own homes, our own neighborhoods, and our own communities.

Ooh, fresh garden tomatoes are THE best! I hope the gentleman brings more for you.

Enjoy your trip.

Kym said...

Each little thing that we can do to promote peace and love adds up to a better world. Thanks for the reminders of GOOD; we must keep focusing on the GOOD. XOXO