31 August 2017

Goodbye August, Hello September

Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow, and oh so mellow.
Try to remember the kind of September
When grass was green and grain was yellow.

--  partial lyrics, "Try to Remember," written by
Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones

Today's Think Write Thursday topic is "Hello September."  

Hello, September (on the last day of August) - as usual, I'm glad to see you.  But you also make me feel somewhat introspective when you show up every year.  I guess you never really stop thinking of September as a start, no matter how long you've been out of school.

September means (at least meteorologically) that summer is over.  I'm OK with that, since summer is not a fave of mine.  I do have to say that this summer was not as terrible as some of the previous have been.  The heat and humidity was not constant, so functioning and breathing was much simpler than it usually is.

However, at the beginning of summer we still had our sweet Jetsam, and now we don't.  Last summer I felt the same way about losing Dug the Doodle Dog.  But, time to start this September in a new way.

I like the way the light changes in September.  Even on my desk at work, there is suddenly a little sliver of sunlight on the corner that does not appear throughout the summer months.  

The trees start thinking about what is to come, and how to change their behavior.

Afternoon light dims a bit sooner.

And we are reminded that fall is on its way, by crisp mornings, fall sunsets, and new routines.

In September, I take stock of things for myself.  (I don't necessarily take any immediate action, I just take stock ...)

I do a lot of remembering.  People. places, experiences.  

I  know September means that we are in the last parts of any given year - perhaps some lost opportunities, but new possibilities too.

And always - a new notebook.  Some things never change.

(photos are from our September trip in 2016 to Acadia National Park in Maine)


Bonny said...

September is slightly bittersweet, but I like how you point out that it's also a good month to recognize the changing light, take stock, take beautiful photos in Acadia, and get yourself a new notebook!

Anonymous said...

To me September should be the beginning of the new year. It seems like a lot of things start FRESH in September.

Araignee said...

My mom used to have that song on repeat on the stereo when I was a kid. I'd forgotten how beautiful it is. Thanks for the memory!

Tired Teacher said...

Thanks for the ear worm!

AsKatKnits said...

September... how I love and hate thee... I am so sad about the end of summer this year. And, this morning it seems all of nature is screaming at me FALL is in the AIR! Sigh...

But, yes... new notebooks!

Nance said...

September IS a Beginnings month. We were just noticing how much sooner the sun sets, how much cooler the nights are, and how summer is feeling lost. It was a strangely brief summer this year, at least here in NEO.

I like your Monthly Letters. They are thoughtful and personal and lovely.

steph said...

I love september....like you, I'm ready to say goodbye to summer. October, though....look out!!! MY FAVORITE MONTH OF THE YEAR!!! Probably because here summer never really leaves much before Oct.
A very lovely tribute....to a great 'beginning'!

karen said...

I love when September arrives, I have so much I want to accomplish! I'm sorry you are still missing your dear Jetsam. (hugs!) I love the way the light changes as well this month and the shortening days.

Judy S. said...

LOVE that song and the musical it's from. We've lost count how many times we've seen The Fantastiks. How are you doing on Book Bingo? Have a nice holiday weekend!

Claudia said...

September is the start of fall for me too! This morning I happily munched on spiced pumpkin bread with my morning coffee and couldn't be more content knowing my favorite season has begun. Even if it's the hottest day of the year! lol Fingers crossed we have a good start to football season today - gooooo ND!!!!

Sorry to hear about Jetsam passing :(

Caffeine Girl said...

September is both an end and a beginning to me. School starts, so that's new. And the Jewish High Holy Days are about reflecting on the past year and thinking about the next.

Mereknits said...

When I lived up north I loved September so much. October was and still is my all time favorite month. But here in Florida September is still hot and humid. The light changes a bit but not like it does in October when you can finally be outside and enjoy the cooler temps.

KSD said...

And those smart-ass saplings start mouthing off about how they're not going to grow just because some old tree told them they had to.

kathy b said...

Your photos are just wonderful. September is still fun and I can have some windows open! Chill in the night air. Great moonrise/and sunsets. Knit knit knit and a wool festival. Every day closer to seeing my kiddos again