26 January 2021

This. That. The Other Thing.

Hello sports fans!  I hope you are doing well today.  My day has begun in a frustrating manner, but since it's a day when I am at work, why does that surprise me?  I arrived at work to find a really snarky note from one of the people in my dept, so I decided to take a break and write this post rather than wait until lunchtime.  Theoretically at least, it will put me in a better mood for the rest of the day.

So, let me show you This:

In spite of the fact that this photo shows the color all wrong, this is in fact the body of the sweater I have been knitting.  I did a bind off for the body yesterday, and I'm really pleased with how it is turning out.  It is the Dog Walker, by Plucky Knitter (Ravelry link), and I highly recommend the pattern.  It is very well written, at least for as far as I have made it!  The yarn I am using is actually a *very* dark navy/gray yarn, but no matter how I tried to photograph it with/without lighting, this is how it turned out.  So yes, it looks like this as far as the item, but imagine it much darker in color.

Next up is That ...

in this case, referring to my stash.  I would have to say that 99% if my stash is fingering/sock weigh yarn, which on the one hand, is not surprising, since I always have a pair of socks underway.  On the other hand, recently I have seen a couple of patterns that I would really like to try, that call for worsted weight yarn.  I have maybe six skeins of worsted weight, all in different colors.  So I am trying to decide if it's OK for me once I have put some money aside (haha, you know, by 2028!), if I can talk myself into being "allowed" to buy more of the worsted in a single color for said projects that appeal to me.  I am trying (and for the most part, succeeding) to only knit from stash, but if I decide that I want to try the patterns I like, I would actually have to purchase yarn.  

So I have decided to treat it like I do other things.  For instance, if I see something that I really like - clothing, shoes, yarn, jewelry, whatever - I tell myself that if it is out of the range of anything I normally buy or need, that I need to let it sit.  Meaning, if I am still thinking of it, or wishing I could buy it after two days, then I should make a plan.  I find that often, something that I just love and MUST have is something I've completely forgotten about two days later; or sometimes, I realize that I still like it well enough, but don't have a strong desire for it.  So after I finish my next project, if I am still thinking about the worsted weight patterns, I'll choose one and see if I can save some $$ to buy the yarn.

Finally, The Other Thing.

I have been toying with the idea of making a list of goals for making this year for myself.  Like most of my lists that have goals, it will not be a strict commitment, but there are a few things that I would like to do/make/learn, and if I *write them down* (i.e., put them in a blog post), they will be in one place for reference and comparison.  Otherwise, I will occasionally think of something, and if I don't do it at that moment, it will join the approximately 511,250,4578 things that go through my mind on any given day, most to never return again.  This concept has stayed in my brain for more than two days, so I guess it means I should do something about it, right???  😏

Update: Writing this post has made me feel like I will make it through the day without being as stabby, so knitting "talk" for the win!


Vera said...

LOL - Knitting talk is ALWAYS a win. Sorry your co-workers are still a PITA.
My stash is similar to yours - mostly sock or fingering weight. I just bought a pattern and ordered yarn in DK weight, so that's a change. If I bought the yarn called for (Brooklyn Tweed), the yarn would have cost over $100. But...I found a great DK weight at KnitPicks and the cost was around $21. Win!!!! More on that tomorrow on my blog.

steph said...

Sorry someone sabatoged your day...yay, knitting! I'm like you with the majority of my 'stash' being fingering or in my case a hefty amount of dk as well, but just about all of it in one skein/different color amounts. Honestly how many hats and fingerless mitts and socks does one need?

I've been piling up some patterns...in worsted weight...for sweaters; I notice that in the winter, it IS those chunkier worsted sweaters I rely on to ban the chill. I'm thinking it might be time to break down and do an order. I've had one pattern in my 'wish I was knitting this' pile for three years. I doubt I'm going to change my mind about it...what do you think?!?!?

Araignee said...

Yay for knitting talk!!!
I always have a couple of sweater quantities on hand for when the sweater bug gets me but those three bags have been gathering dust for years because I always end up buying something specific for the sweater I want to make. I never seem to have anything in the stash that I need even though my stash is ridiculous. I think it's a mental issue at this point...lol.

Dee said...

I used to jump on every project that flashed through my mind. I ended up with a bunch of yarn and patterns I really didn't make.

There is one I'm thinking about. I have the idea set aside ............if I really like it in a month or two, I'll purchase the pattern.

Geeeeeeeee....maybe I'm finally growing up! (But, probably not.)

Glad the post writing made you less stabby. Vera and I don't have enough saved up for your bail.

KSD said...

Also for the win: if you do feel stabby, the knitting needles are right there!

Ellen D. said...

Yes, for making a list of goals. I often instantly forget what I planned on doing or making or cleaning or buying, etc. I cannot seem to hold on to my thoughts for long enough to act on them. So, yeah, I should probably be writing stuff down. Thanks for the reminder!

kathy b said...

Sorry you had a snarky note! Ive learned through the years it is not about you. Somebody s looking to vent on you. Deflect it. You are too nice a person. I write lists for everything!

AsKatKnits said...

My thought reading this is that meme about knitting so one does not harm others! Perhaps we need a writing about knitting so one does not hurt others meme! LOL

Mereknits said...

Sorry about snaky notes at work, yuck! Buy the yarn, you can get very reasonable worsted weight yarn at knit picks or webbs, it is okay to treat yourself once in a while. It will be an item of clothing you will use for years. Stay safe.