23 February 2021

Temporary Setback = Time Out

Well.  It could be worse, but it's still annoying.

I mentioned that I was on the first sleeve of the sweater I have been knitting.  I had thought that I would do whatever I could to get that finished this week, because I really don't want the project to languish much longer.  So yesterday I was making progress - I even made it to the cuff! - when I took a look and thought, "Hm. That looks like it will be too much room around my lower arm/wrist area."  So I tried it on.  

The good news?  It will be the right size with the ease I was hoping for when it's finished!
The bad news?  1. Even though I was doing helical knitting (which I do not enjoy, sorry everyone who loves it!), it still flashed and pooled; not a big deal since I wasn't making it to be a "fancy" sweater, but if I'd known I would have just knitted it more straightforwardly; 2.  I was right about the sleeves.

So I put it in time out for now, and will rip back to a certain point and do the decreases more frequently to make it fit better.  I will also write down what I did so that the other sleeve will match (which should be obvious, but let's face it, I'm not always paying enough attention to even obvious things).  I'm glad I noticed it when I did, and not near the end of the second sleeve.  This way, it's annoying but not upsetting.  I didn't feel like thinking more about it/doing anything with it yesterday, so it can sit and rest for a while while my brain takes a break from it.  Honestly, I'm not upset about it at all, which is a good sign and also means that I *will* pick it up again and finish it.  Just a temporary setback.

Other than that, I am still deciding which yarn will be next for socks, and am working away on the other small project that has become a favorite.  I will try my best to remember to take a photo and share it with you soon.


Blog stuff:  First of all, thank you so much for continuing to read and comment!  You have no idea how it makes me happy.  I don't have a ton of friends in real life, and of course, like everyone else have not really hung out with anyone other than on Zoom for almost a year now.  So having blog friends is filling the void nicely.  

However, please be aware that I continue to have issues replying to comments.  I seem to be in yet another period where I send e-mail responses (when I have an e-mail address) and then 2-3 days later, I get the messages returned as "Undeliverable."  The other day, I decided to try responding in the comments to my latest post.  For reasons that I will never likely understand, Blogger would not accept/publish the responses!  After a while, I got tired of trying again and again and I gave up.  So I truly and sincerely apologize that my responses to comments seem at best infrequent and at worst, non-existent.  I even got The Tim to see if he could figure out anything since he is more technology savvy than I am, but he couldn't find anything that was clearly a problem.  

Please know that I do try to respond, and I realize that it's annoying to only get responses some of the time.  Trust me, I'm just as frustrated as you are.

And that's it for today.  I hope your crafting is agreeing with you, and that technology is treating you well - or at least not mistreating you!  😛


Alison said...

I am always happy when I see you have posted. I too do not have a lot of friends but enjoy those I do have. Not sure why but I have never “fitted in”. Maybe it is because I am an upfront person and say what I think should be said. Oh well.

Late summer here and the days are getting still and the light has changed - the best time of the year.

Happiness alwas.

KSD said...

Did you have the little Mendel "boxes" to learn recessive/dominant traits in HS Biology? I don't know why in the world that is such a vivid memory, but there it is.

Off to find out what "helical" means.

Chris said...

The punnet square! It’s a vivid memory for me too. It’s such a neat, cute way to figure out the frequency of genetic traits in offspring—more genes, more little boxes! Such fun.

Araignee said...

What a shame about the sweater. I totally get your frustration because I am on round two of the Festive Doodle,
I gave up on replying to comments as Blogger makes it impossible. If I need to address something or someone I just do it in a post. I also have no idea why I can't reply to blogs at all under my Araignee account.

Kym said...

Blogging platforms are so frustrating to me! The weirdness that happens now and then . . . not being able to comment or reply or post pictures in the right direction. All that. It's just madness sometimes. You are wise to just let it go for the time being. (But please keep posting!) I'll be eager to see the sweater . . . once it is released from time-out. XO

kathy b said...

no worries. I never go back to check on a comment i left. I duont know why. SO I wasn't worried!
That joke has baffled me however..and I may return to see what it meanT

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That's frustrating. Still as you say, at least you realized it sooner, rather than later. I too have to make detailed notes if I change something that require one or more to be made the same. I never remember no matter how much I think I will!

Caffeine Girl said...

It's a pleasure to read your blog!
I hope to drive out to the East Coast in the fall -- if Covid is under control -- and see family, as well as meet up with blog friends!