04 January 2022

FO Post: This Should Have Been One Thing, But It's Another ...

I don't remember if I posted many photos here of this FO when it was a WIP, but I know I posted a few on Instagram.  Yes, I could look through previous posts, but let's just move on, shall we?

Project:  Christmas Waltz Socks
Pattern: Plain old vanilla sock pattern that I have memorized at this point.
Yarn:  Lollipop Yarn Traditional Sock, in the Christmas Waltz colorway
Needles:  US size 0 (body of sock) and size 1 (cuffs, heels, toes)
Notes:  I started these for myself at the end of November 2021, because I had all of my other gift knitting and projects finished.  Every year I think I'll knit myself some Christmas socks during Christmastime, and every year something interferes.  But not this time!

The first sock zoomed right along, and before I knew it, was finished.  I did start the second sock right away, and the cuff and leg took no time at all.

But here is where the second sock became The Sock of Distractions.  The sock set came with a skein of the main color, and a mini-skein of the burgundy shade for heels, toes, etc.  I was knitting along on sock #2, and suddenly was close to running out of yarn - what???  Then I realized that I was nearly to the toe of the sock, but had failed to switch back to the main yarn.  Ugh.  So I ripped back to where the heel ended, and re-did the gusset and foot.  I am 99% sure it's because I was knitting away, watching movies and/or Vlogmas podcasts, and didn't pay attention.  No big deal, though, I got it ripped out and fixed and was on my merry way.

By New Year's Eve, I had only the toe of the second sock left to complete, so I was really pleased that I would not only have a pair of socks done, but I would complete my last project of 2021 on the last day of the year.

Not so fast, silly!

I was watching a movie with The Tim, knitting away on the toe, and looked down only to realize that I had messed up the counting, and the toe was just a plain old huge mess.  Sigh.  So I ripped it out, and as much as I wanted to finish it that day, decided to leave it until the next day, since I was annoyed with myself, which never ends well when I am trying to knit, especially when I'm trying to fix a mistake.

And that, my friends, is how my Christmas socks that were supposed to be my last FO of 2021 became my first FO of 2022!  I finished them during the day on New Year's Day, and I just love them.  I love the colorway, I love how the speckles on the light yarn remind me of holly berries, and I love that I finished a pair of Christmas socks for me during Christmastime!  

Even if I did get waylaid by my distracted brain.  

This was my first time using Lollipop Yarn, and I really enjoyed working with it.  It's nice and soft, but also feels very wooly and cozy.  

And through no real effort on my part, the striped part pretty much matches when you hold them up together - now *that's* a Christmas miracle!  😉


Vera said...

Nice finish Bridget! I started my "Holiday Socks" for moi on 12/14/21. I'm still on sock #1...going down the foot now, but still one more to knit. Guess (hope) they'll be ready to wear NEXT Christmas. LOL

Ellen D. said...

Oh, those are really cute! Well done!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Great pair! I always mean to make myself some Christmas socks and never do!

Nance said...

They're lovely and jolly. Nicely done.

Kim in Oregon said...

I want that yarn! So cute!

Dee said...


The speckled part is just so pretty.


Araignee said...

Perfect! I love that colorway. It's very festive.

Annie said...

Those are perfect holiday socks! What lovely yarn.

I am curious why you use a 1 for the toes, though. I always go down a size on the theory that the toe gets the most wear.

Kym said...

I love them, too, Bridget! And I'm glad you took the time to finish 'em up right on New Year's Day. (Nance is right -- they are perfectly jolly socks.) XO