06 January 2022

Happy Last Day of Christmas!

Well, it had to happen, even though I always wish it didn't.  Today is the 12th Day of Christmas, or Women's Christmas if you are in Ireland, Orthodox Christmas, or Epiphany.  I love Christmastime so much, I'm always sad to see it end for another year.  

BUT - it is also the day we celebrate(d) Dug the Doodle Dog's birthday, since it is the date we officially adopted him.

(Sadly, here in the U.S. the anniversary of something awful, but I don't have the wherewithal to deal with that right now.)

OK, so it's also Thursday, and Carole is doing a Three on Thursday collection of posts, and I thought I'd join in the fun.  So here are three things that have already been good in 2022.

1.  Cold weather has returned.  It is winter, after all, and the warm temperatures last week just annoyed me.  I know that for some people it has been a terrible week of too much snow and cold, and I am sorry for that, but for me Winter = Cold and so I've been pleased about it.

2.  I was ready to start a new knitting project, and I had the stitches cast on, the set-up rows done, and then - didn't understand the next part of the pattern, no matter how I tried to figure it out.  So I finally contacted the designer, and really thought that if she responded at all, it would be in a little while, since people are catching up on things at this time of year.  BUT - she responded within a day, and her response was not just helpful, but so incredibly kind.  Even if while writing it, she was rolling her eyes (i.e., "I can't believe she doesn't get this!"), it didn't come across like that on receipt.

3.  I was able to make an appt for my annual eye exam and it is a week from tomorrow!  This is good because there were not many open slots available, and my vision has been really bugging me lately.  So rather than have to wait any longer, I'll be there almost right away, and able to see what has/has not changed, and if things can be improved.  The eye doctor I usually go to is wonderful, but her popularity has increased recently, and it's been a bit more difficult to get onto her schedule.  So yay for me!

I hope you can think of at least three things that have been good for you so far this year.


Ellen D. said...

I just put away the last of the Christmas decorations because I always leave out the nativity scene until the kings arrive Even tho, I am not religious at all anymore, it is a tradition that I still follow.
3 good things in 2022: 1) my daughter is moving back to Illinois (from Wisconsin). Instead of 3+ hours away, she will be 30 minutes away! So glad! 2) reading lots of books 3) exercising more.
Happy New Year to you!

Dee said...

Those three sound pretty good.

Happy heavenly birthday to Dug!!

Did you know my car is named Dug? (Deep Unrelenting Grey -- i.e. DUG!)

Vera said...

Snow forecast for tonight Bridget!!! I walked along the canal this afternoon and my face was stinging - it's cold out there. I though yesterday was the 12th day of Christmas (Counting 12/25, 7 days in Dec and then the first 5 of Jan??). No matter. Our tree is still up and no plans to take it down at the moment.

Araignee said...

I admire those who manage to get the most out of Christmas. It's so much work and build up for just one day. Every year I swear I am going to see it through and every year I bail on the 26th. We used to always leave our tree up until New Year's Day but I just can't anymore. I used to like to leave the outside lights up until the first snow but aside from this year I would have had to have them up until March.

Kim in Oregon said...

On our walk w/ the dogs this morning, we walked down a street we don't usually travel and it was fun to see several people had their decorations still up (ours come down on New Year's Day).

kathy b said...

I wan t to say:

prayers answered yesterday ........best thing of a11
We heard ow1s hooting when we were in the hot tub a few days ago
The snow scares are so pretty. Our sunsets are too.

Kym said...

The most important thing about your eye appointment: Do you get to leave work early????? (I hope so.) XO