05 December 2015

Christmastime Is Here

In TWENTY DAYS it will Christmas Day.  

But Christmastime is here, and that's even better.  I have found that, even if at first I have to do it consciously, being happy about this makes it possible to enjoy it no matter what else is happening in the world, or how many grumpy, holiday-hating types you encounter.  

And it is the best gift you can give to yourself, and anyone else around you.

Wishing you a lovely Christmastime weekend.  :-)


Araignee said...

I am usually one of those grumpy Christmas hating people but a few years ago I realized that it is the things I do for myself during the holidays that matter the most. For years, lost in all the hustle and bustle, I'd been forgetting about me. Now I make time everyday in December for something that matters only to me and it makes a huge difference.

Caffeine Girl said...

It is truly the spirit that counts!

Mereknits said...

I am not fond of Christmas with all the decorating and gifts, but I am trying to be better this year for my Little One. Wishing you a wonderful weekend right back.

karen said...

I completely agree! I try to be ready well before the big day so I can be in that good mood instead of pressured to complete chores or errands. Planning out helps.

elns said...

Yes! This is the best gift. I live with a self confirmed Grinch. But it turns out I have given birth to a very Holiday spirited person so he helps remind all of us to keep the cheer and cherish it a little more. It can be hard sometime. But yes, if I take a step back, I remember how important the opportunity to embrace the positive and the sparkly! is. (The Kid and I have decided we love a Shiny ornament :)