01 December 2015

One Final Thing About November

Happy December 1st - 24 Days Until Christmas!!!!

Before we move on to that fun, Carole's Ten on Tuesday prompt this week was to list 10 Best Things I Did in November.  I can do that.

1.  Got some cleaning and organizing done, in general but also in order to feel a little more prepared before holiday crazy set in.

2.  Served as a sounding board for a co-worker whose mother was dying.  I know it's weird to say this is a "best" thing, but I truly felt glad that he felt comfortable enough to talk to me about it, and since it was sadly similar to my experience with one of my parents, I was happy to help him however I could.

3.  Decorated for Thanksgiving.

4.  Celebrated The Tim's birthday.

5.  Had an echocardiogram with good results.  (This would be a "best" anytime!)

6.  Celebrated Thanksgiving.

7.  Sorted things to see what we do/do not have for Christmas gifts.

8.  Went to see a play.  It was one of The Tim's birthday gifts.  It was "Baskerville" by Ken Ludwig, and it was ridiculous and fun.

9.  Attended First Sunday of Advent Mass at the Jesuit parish here in Philadelphia, and got to join in the singing of  "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel."  That is what really makes it Advent for me.  :-)

10.  Completed NaBloPoMo.  And enjoyed it all immensely.

It was a good month, and a wonderful start to the holiday season. Happy all around.


Donna said...

That must have been an amazing Mass! It feels good to just "be there" for a friend in need sometimes. You had a real good month.

AsKatKnits said...

Excellent list of "Bests"!! However, the 24 days until Christmas reminder just caused a wee bit of panic here! Oh boy, and those days will just fly by!

Araignee said...

I have to say I really enjoyed reading everyone's nannywhatever posts this month. Blogland is going to be a sad lonely place for a while until the holiday posts start being published.