21 November 2017

In Which I Amuse Myself With Another Q&A

For the past few weeks, Nance has done a Q&A, related to whatever is on her mind at the time.  I've loved reading them, and kept meaning to post my answers, but then I would get distracted by it being National Eat a Cookie Day, or I'd think about pie, or whatever I was going to write about otherwise HAD to be posted then.  (Mostly though, I'd forget altogether.)

But this is the week, so here we go!

1.  Turkey - white meat or dark?

Since we don't eat turkey, neither one.  But back when I did eat meat, I liked white meat if there was gravy, but dark meat otherwise.

2.  Cranberries?

YES!  I love cranberries.  My family has a tradition that they must be served in a dish that is too small.  This is only because my mother would buy canned cranberry sauce, and always put it in a bowl that spilled over onto the tablecloth.  Then she would curse, and we would be amused, and she would get disgusted with us, and a tradition was born!

3.  Single most favorite food of Thanksgiving dinner?

STUFFING.  Always and forever.

4.  How do you feel about stores being open on Thanksgiving?

In the overall sense of things, I'm against it.  I think there should be some days when things except for hospitals, police, fire, etc. should be closed.  But I also realize that for some people, working on a holiday could mean getting paid time and a half, so if it's voluntary, that's fine with me.  But I also think it should be voluntary, not required.

5.  Dog show, football, or parade?

We usually start the day watching the parade.  During which time we complain because instead of seeing a lot of the bands and floats, they show lip-synced performances of people we either don't know or that make us stabby.  Then I must have my yearly rant about how they need to go back to having the Rockettes precede Santa and his sleigh, because that should be a law.  However, not watching the parade is NOT an option!  Then I usually watch most of the dog show, and The Tim sees some of it, but he is usually downstairs starting the brown-and-serve rolls he makes to go with dinner.  We don't go out of our way to watch football, but sometimes, part of a game will be on in-between other things.  More as background than active watching.

6.  Pies?

Yes, thank you.  The Tim makes a mean pumpkin pie, I have to say.  Since there are only the two of us, we don't make more than one pie, since we generally already have enough food that if 20 people happened to show up, we cold feed them. 

7.  Are pets invited?

Is the Pope Catholic?  OK, so they are not invited in the sense that they have a place setting at the table.  But they always get something special for their own dinners on holidays.

8.  Do you have a dress code?

In that we will both get cleaned up for dinner, I guess we do.  But not in the sense that a certain type of attire is either expected or required. 

What about you?  Do you have thoughts on any of these topics that you feel like sharing?


Kym said...

What a fun way to find out more about your Thanksgiving, Bridget! I love the cranberry story! Those family "traditions" are just the best. I don't watch the parade anymore, but I just loved it when I was a little girl. (Now Tom and I listen to "Alice's Restaurant" as we wrestle the turkey into the oven. . . ) XO

Vera said...

Happy Thanksgiving Bridget!! Fun questions:
1. white meat for sure. And it is great for sandwiches the next day (or later the same day sometimes!!)
2. LOVE cranberries. I made chutney over the weekend. I also love raw cranberries and oranges ground up with some sugar and ginger. And cranberry bread...
3. I CANNOT choose just one item. Love it all.
4. I wish stores were not open Thanksgiving (but I've been glad to be able to run out to get milk or whatever is needed). I'd love to go back to nothing being open on Sunday.
5. Fletch will usually put the parade on for a little while, but I no longer enjoy it (for the reasons you mention). No football, no dog shows.
6. YES! All the pies. This year I am making pumpkin, pecan and apple. That's plenty, though I will miss mincemeat.
7. Oh yes, the cats are ALWAYS invited.
8. No dress code, but we try to be presentable. I need to think of fun socks this year (everyone takes their shoes off at the door at Colin & Mailing's).
Enjoy your stuffing and pie!!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

LOVE the cranberry tradition. :) Our dress code, per my mom's instructions was "come as you are, but don't wear a shirt that smells like dead fish." Mom was so weird! I'd love to know why she felt the need to warn us not to wear smelly clothing. Did someone once show up at a family gathering stinking like dead fish?? My husband, ever the rebel, now wears a bait shop t-shirt with a giant fish painted on it as an undershirt at all of my family's gatherings.

Tired Teacher said...

Holidays are associated with strong memories, and I love your cranberry memory. White meat for me - always which is why I don't like goose, duck or pheasant.

No parades or football for me, but I will be knitting while the family indulges.

Araignee said...

Ahhhh...stuffing. I can't wait!

Bonny said...

I love your cranberry tradition! Our traditions extend to the next day. We must have pie for breakfast (with plenty of whipped cream) and we must make fried stuffing for lunch and/or dinner. Leftovers are really the whole reason I even make a Thanksgiving meal! Also, I agree with you on the Rockette law.

sprite said...

I am a total hypocrite, because while I'd prefer shops not be open on Thanksgiving (although I, too, understand the appeal of earning overtime), part of my family tradition is going to Dunkin' Donuts that morning with my dad.

Judy S. said...

I agree, stuffing is the best!

elns said...

Super fun Bridget, I'll share with you too:
1. I am not a huge turkey fan, but I'll go with white meat and gravy with you.
2. I love that canned cranberry jelly thing. I love it even more when you keep it in the shape of the can and slice it. I will eat other versions of cranberry, but that stuff is magical to me.
3. SAME. Stuffing. I crave it more than once a year and I like that you call it stuffing and not dressing and honestly I prefer my stuffing very simple, even if it is served w/o meat. onions, celery, stock breadcrumbs seasoning. I don't want a bunch of EXTRA in my stuffing. If that makes me boring, so be it.
5.Really, for me none of it. If I had to choose the parade, but I can't make it through it anymore. No, I used to do a run for a local foodbank in the morning but they moved it somewhere inconvenient for my schedule. I will probably go to the gym for an hour an earn some gravy.
6.I don't claim to be a pie person as much as I am a cake person, but I do love pumpkin pie with my whipped cream.
7. We don't have pets. We have a kid. He's allowed. I think pets are probably nicer to me.
8. No, though I try to clean up, be festive w/o actually wearing feathers or what not.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Stuffing is the best! Overflowing canned cranberries a close second!

Anonymous said...

If you didn't have cranberry sauce from a CAN, how do you know how much to slice off???? Those can rings make perfect size slices!

Wishing you a VERY happy Thanksgiving and an extra helping of stuffing for EVERYONE!!!!

Patty said...

I love the cranberry story too and your descriptions of your Mom...some of them rang true in my house! I now use my mothers cranberry sauce bowl...which is chipped but I don't care. Happy Thanksgiving Bridget!

AsKatKnits said...

I love the cranberries and hate that stores are open on Thanksgiving. But, that fight for the almighty dollar drives everything.