20 November 2017

Thanksgiving Week Q and A

Hello Monday people - not that I think you are enjoying Monday necessarily, but that's what day it is, and you are people, so there you go.

We had a great weekend, celebrating The Tim's birthday.  Thanks to everyone who wished him a Happy Birthday, he was really pleased that so many of you wished him well.  Our dinner out on Saturday evening was especially good, and the performance of Eugene Onegin was both enjoyable and really well done.  Amanda and Pat had to leave early yesterday morning, since they were getting guests for Thanksgiving, and The Tim had to work, so I spent the day catching up on some things.  Last night we watched some of the Eagles vs. Dallas game (neither of us could stay up late enough to see the whole thing), and it's so exciting that the Eagles won!  So all the way through to the end of the weekend, things were good.

It's been a while since I took part in Kathy B's Monday Q&A, but today seemed like a good chance to jump in.  :-)

1.  Do you knit anything from memory without a pattern?

I can knit a basic Seaman's Scarf from memory, and most of a pair of socks, though I have to get my instructions for turning the heel.

2.  What is your healthy goal for Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve?

a) Lose a few pounds
b) Gain under 5 pounds
c) Maintain your current weight

I guess I would choose c, though to be honest, I try not to worry too much about it over the holidays.

3.  Have you ever given up on a yarn?

Oh yes!  I've gotten to a point sometimes where it becomes so tangled, I just toss it and move on.  It doesn't necessarily make me happy to do that, but there is a point where it's no longer worth it for me to keep working on the untangling.

4.  When you go on a road trip, where do you stop for a snack or a meal?

A lot of our trips involve the Pennsylvania Turnpike, or I-95 towards Baltimore.  We usually stop at one of the rest stops where there is a Starbucks, and if we are stopping for food, look for a Popeye's (biscuits!) or our local fave, the Wawa (everything!).

5.  What is your favorite state to drive through?  

I don't know I have a favorite.  I can tell you that I used to absolutely HATE it when we would drive from one part of Indiana to another when we lived there and would go to The Tim's sister's house for Thanksgiving.  It was just too flat and boring for me.  Sorry Indiana natives, just not for me.

6.  Does anyone polish silver anymore?

I'm sure they do.  I have a very few pieces of my mother's that I polish when we use them for special occasions.  Since I don't have to do it a lot, and it's not a job, I don't mind when I do have some to polish.

7.  Do you own an knit-themed coffee mug?

Yes, a few of them.

8.  You have been asked to knit a scarf for a movie.  What movie do you want your scarf in?  

I'd be more likely to be picky about who would be wearing the scarf, though at this time of year, I'd love to have my scarf in "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles," or "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."

9.  Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise?

I'm not crazy about either one.  I was never much of a type for mayo or mayo-type condiments.

10.  Something you are thankful for today.

A short work week!  A three-day week is always good as far as I'm concerned, and when it's right before a holiday, even better.  (Though I do agree with the sentiment below ...)


Vera said...

Ah yes! Fabulous ending - LOL - love that cartoon.

Kym said...

I'm so glad you had such a nice weekend! It's nice when everything fall together in a delightful way. :-)
(And I love polishing silver. It's one of my super-powers. . . ) XO

Lilly's Mom said...

It was fun reading your answers to the questions. So happy to hear your week will be short. Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday! Pat xx

Tired Teacher said...

Love the cartoon! I've tossed a few balls of yarn in the trash bin, too. Life's too short for fiber that doesn't cooperate.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain with the tangled yarn. I had one very nice, premium yarn that I finally had to give up on. It almost broke my heart.

elns said...

I said, "Same" for questions 1-3 and 7 when reading this. LOL. I shortened my short week to 2 days. I realize it may seem silly to others, but if the bosses were willing to give it to me off, why not, right?

Araignee said...

I love turnpikes with rest stops. Sometimes we would just load Daddio in the car to just have a day of rest stop food and adventures. Wawas are great too. I love their new soda machine.

Nance said...

Miracle Whip. (What would you have done if people said, "Oh, I only use organic mayonnaise that I make myself from free-range eggs and extra virgin olive oil"?)

And I end up tossing a lot of yarn my mother gives me. She buys the worst stuff with terrible texture that is impossible to knit.