02 November 2017

November November November

It's November!  It's NaBloPoMo!  It's Three on Thursday!  What's not to love, you know?  I know some people think of November as a boring, "filler" month, but it's always been one of my favorites.  So today I thought I'd let you know just three of the many many reasons November is a good thing.

1.  Desserts.  Yep, November is a good month for desserts at our house.  The Tim has his birthday during this month, so - birthday cake!!  And with Thanksgiving, there is pumpkin pie!  We don't generally have dessert a lot of the time, so having two dessert occasions in one month is the best.

2.  The weather.  (Rather, the weather as it should be.  I shall be ignoring the three days of 70-degree temperatures that are supposed to occur in the next five days.)  November is the month when fall actually settles in and the coziness of the cool weather begins.  Granted, sometimes it can be rainy, but at least around here, that is true of nearly every month in the year.  And then towards the end of the month, the hints of cold weather begin and hot drinks and heavy sweaters work their way into the mix.

3.  Birthdays and Thanksgiving.  Besides The Tim, there are many family birthdays during November.  Both of my sisters have their birthdays - as mentioned, my oldest sister Nancy's was yesterday, and my second oldest sister Mary Ellen's birthday is on November 29.  A brother-in-law, a great-niece, and a very close friend are also in the mix.  As if that isn't good enough - Hello Thanksgiving!!  Coziness, stuffing, the aforementioned pumpkin pie, parades, conscious gratitude.  All of this in one month seems almost decadent.

Here's hoping November is a good month for all of us.  And that as much goodness as possible comes your way.


Bonny said...

I'm all for birthday cake and pumpkin pie, but not so much on 70s in November. I guess it saves on heating costs, but I'm finding it difficult to wear woolly hand knits!

AsKatKnits said...

What a great month! And, I almost forgot about the desserts! (Okay, not quite!) But, I have to tell you that Talenti's Pumpkin Gelato is ah-mazing!

Tired Teacher said...

November is a favorite month of mine because it's when life seems to slow down, and I can concentrate on crafting. As daylight hours diminish, I find renewed delight in sewing and knitting.

It's snowing here this morning, the slowdown has started.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Your November is much better than mine. No thanksgiving for us - we had it last month. And the weather is mostly grey and cold, sometimes rainy. To me, November is a like a rehearsal for February... a grey dreary month that just seems to drag on.

elns said...

This is an excellent list. I have a desire to bake a birthday cake. You know that yellow cake w/a milkchocolate simple frosting? Yeah, that's going on the November to do list.

I have good friends and family with birthdays in November, they don't need my cake, so I will just celebrate it for them. We all need good cake and good life vibes in the world. (see cake baking justification can be born of anything).

Lastly, who are these people that call November a boring filler month. I am so disappointed. Insert irritated mothering face here. November flies by because of all the TO DO! And most of the To Do is super fun and work goes by fast (yay!)

Araignee said...

Pumpkin pie!!! I am ashamed to admit I have already indulged. I bought the cutest little mini pumpkin pie at the farmer's market a few weeks ago and it as GOOD. Looking forward to more.

karen said...

this summery weather is the pits, and like you, I am over it. I am ignoring all the warmness as well and dreaming of being cold down to my bones. I have a birthday this month :)

Mereknits said...

November has been good so far although it was 85 today! Halloween is packed away, Thanksgiving decorations are out. I have to pack for a weekend trip next week. We will be where it is cold! Hooray!