13 November 2017

Thank the Lord These Are an FO!

This past Saturday, I was determined to do one particular thing.  And I did! 

Project:  Annoying Pumpkins
Pattern:  Little Pumpkins, by Sabine Ruppert (a freebie)
Yarn:  Socks That Rock Lightweight, colorway Oregon Red Clover Honey
Needles:  US size 1 1/2
Modifications:  None
Notes:  I like the finished socks.  I absolutely hated knitting these!  The pattern was very fiddly, and sometimes hard to understand.  I had to go to someone else's notes to figure out parts of it.  Now keep in mind, the pattern writer is German, and I am suspecting that English is not her first language (of course, I'm sure it's better than my German could ever be ...), so that might be part of it.  But mainly there was just too much going on all the time for me.  Once I finished the first one, I seriously considered not doing the pattern repeats each time on the second.  But then I decided that in for a penny, in for a pound, so to speak.

I know others have made these and didn't have issues with the pattern, so it may very well be me.  I like textured and/or patterned socks, I guess I just prefer it in smaller doses.  And as you can see, I managed to survive, so it may very well be that my issues are just so  much blather.  These will go into my Box o' Socks, and hopefully by the time I open said box and wear them, all of my feelings will have moved on.

The yarn was great to work with - very smooth, and takes stitch definition really well.  This was my first pair made with Socks That Rock yarn, and I did enjoy using it.  The color is also perfect, so that made me happy.

Here's a bit closer look at the stitch pattern that creates the pumpkin-looking texture.

I knit these for the I ♥ Fall KAL hosted by Dee and Vera, and that was fun.  But I REALLY hope they are not prize-eligible, as the prize is getting them finished and out of my life!

So, on to the next thing, yet to be decided.  I'm happy with the way these turned out, but I also have to say #neveragain.


sprite said...

I'm sorry you hated the pattern so much, but they look great!

Bonny said...

Nevertheless, you persisted, and got a great-looking pair of socks! Here's hoping your next project brings you happiness and no frustration, aggravation, and fiddliness!

Tired Teacher said...

Kudos on finishing the socks despite the frustrations you had. I've been know to frog things like that.

The yarn is a gorgeous color and I'm glad that it was a delight to knit. You'll be happy to wear these socks when the Box of Socks is opened.

Araignee said...

They look amazing! I love the little pumpkins. Too bad that pattern is a pain.

Vera said...

Fa ulous yarn! I doubt I would have finished them, but yours look great. Congratulations!

Patty said...

I'm also sorry that you didn't enjoy the knitting but you do have a beautiful pair of socks to rock!

AsKatKnits said...

Bravo!! They look awesome!

Nance said...

Hooray for Being Done! I hope that they are worth it when you wear them, thus banishing all the Hard Feelings.