12 December 2017

A Day Late But Not a Dollar Short

Fortunately, Kathy doesn't charge us to participate in her weekly Q&A, which is near its end.  (Stay tuned for her next endeavor!)  So even though I'm a day late, I can still enjoy taking part without getting myself in trouble.  :-)

1. Have your knit a Christmas ornament or Hanukkah things?

Yes I have.  I knit this Advent wreath garland of mittens and hats a few years back:

And even longer ago, I knit this Yule Woodsman, who hangs on our tree every year.

2.  Have you seen a shooting star this year?

I have never seen a shooting star in my life!

3.  What's your preference:  cuckoo clock, digital clock, grandfather clock or a face with hands?

I like grandfather clocks, but wouldn't have room for one if I had it.  My overall preference is a clock with a face and hands.

4.  Do you prefer Chex Mix for cereal or snack mix?

Since I never liked it as cereal, but enjoy snack mix, that's my choice here.

5.  Is your milk expiration date before or after 12/25?

We just bought a new container of milk yesterday - the expiration date is 12/26.

6.  Name a bird you'd love to see in the wild?

Let's see, there are not any I *wouldn't* like to see.  But I wish I could have seen Carolina parakeets before they became extinct.

7.  What is the last color you knit with?

A deep red, on my Holly Berry Socks.

8.  Do you know anyone who believes in the Big Red Guy?

I do!  With all of my heart!  And there are some small kiddos in the family that I know believe in him also.  

9.  Do you have any solar decorations?


10.  Mrs. Claus is knitting something for you - what is it?

A yoked sweater with reindeer!  :-)

What about you?  Feel free to participate, or to even include answers in the comments.  


Nance said...

I would love to one day see a Bird Of Paradise. Wouldn't you?

Wish Mrs Claus would hurry up with that cute, comfy knitted swing dress.

Kym said...

What a fun Q&A! :-)

Tired Teacher said...

I'd love to have a grandmother clock (smaller than a grandfather clock) because I love the chimes so much. Guess I'll just have to be happy with my two Regulator (schoolhouse clocks) that count the hour and half hour.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwww.... little gnomie-o on your tree is adorable!

Araignee said...

After seeing your holiday stuffy I remembered I have knit a little elf. I answered none on Kathy's questions. Poor thing. I should go dig him out now and sit him near the tree.

Vera said...

Cute little woodsman. I would love a sweater with reindeer on the yolk too.

kathy b said...

I believe too of course ! Glad you played q and a . Iove your garland!!

elns said...

Your knitted advent garland is amazing! I love it.

I'm a big fan of the face clock as well. In fact my favorite are those public institution kinds. The kind you would find in school or the library or the DMV. Yes. I know, I'm a govt worker through and through, ha! I don't even mind the incessant ticking. LOL

Love the holiday themes going on right now. I'm grinning.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Your title made me laugh... when I was a kid, rushing around in a panic last minute for something, my Dad would always tell me I was a day late and a dollar short