22 December 2017

Festive Furball Friday of Christmases Past

I am especially missing our sweet Jetsam this Christmas season.  He used to love being involved in all of it, all the time.  (The others participate, but thankfully not every minute - let's just say they don't "get" it the way Jetsam seemed to ...)

But Christmas is as much about yesterday as today, so I'm sharing these photos with you, and I hope that you have a loved and adored one who, even if you miss them being right here to hug, makes you happy to love and remember.  

Have a Happy Christmas weekend!

 Helping The Tim check the string of lights

Looking to see if Santa's sleigh is on its way 

A kiss for Rudolph


Bonny said...

Jetsam does look like a very Christmasy cat, and thank you for the loving memories of those who are not here. I'm sending good wishes to you, Tim, and your whole furry family, past and present.

Caffeine Girl said...

Hugs to you!
Keith is missing his Weeko, who we had to put down in the spring. He adopted her before moving in with me, and she never really "took" to me. But I feel for him and for you.

Araignee said...

Awwww....so sweet. He was a special kitty.
SIL had to say goodbye to her 17 year old doggie last night and I am heart broken for her. How terrible right before the holidays. My Dear Departed Doggie was always involved in holiday things too-being of the nosy variety of pooch. She would get into her presents and put on quite a show around the tree Christmas morning. I miss her so much.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh .... that kissing Rudolph photo is just WAY TOO CUTE!

Sorry you are missing your sweet boy. It's HARD!

AsKatKnits said...

Beautiful memories. Merry Christmas to you and your entire family!

Vera said...

Oh Bridget, these are such good pictures! All the best to you and The Tim and all the Kitties for a fabulous Christmas!!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The first Christmas without Tux and Rocky was hard. Especially the wrapping! I'm sure Burton is going to make up for it this year!
Merry Christmas to you and The Tim and the critters!

Kym said...

I always like to remember my dear pets, now gone, at the holidays. . . My kitty, Jelly, who loved to wear Christmas bells around her neck and sit under the tree batting the ornaments. My kitty, Jambo, who seemed especially fond of Bing Crosby songs. And Jake-the-wonderdog, who will always be remembered for eating ALL of our Christmas cookies while we were at church one Christmas Eve long ago.

Thanks for sharing your photos and memories of Jetsam-the-Christmas-lover -- and allowing me to remember my own beloved pets.

Merry Christmas!
PS -- Tomorrow is Christmas Eve Eve. Just sayin.

Nance said...

Jetsam was truly a beautiful soul, inside and out.

We always hang our TravisCat and EmilyCat ornaments on the Christmas tree while remembering them fondly with stories and smiles.

Enjoy your Christmas with your whole furry family and The Tim in the warmest, wonderfullest way there is.

steph said...

incredibly sweet....and you are so right...the holidays are wrapped up with both past and present and the hope for the future. love your pics.

merry christmas!

Mereknits said...

I am missing Max. He had his own box of ornaments, we put up two of them just to remember our boy. Christmas was his very favorite day of the year. He loved the presents and being with all of us all morning long. Merry Christmas.

KSD said...

I've always liked that picture of Jetsam and Rudolph. Happy Weekend to you, too.