15 December 2018

Blogger Is Not Being Festive

It seems that every once in a while without warning, Blogger decides to mess with me.  And I can never figure out why, or what happened.  Recently, it has not been allowing me to comment on some - but not all - blogs, even after logging in, completing the Captcha, proving I'm not a robot, etc.  Then this morning, I realized it never published my post from yesterday, though it shows as published in the list of posts.  Blogger, this is not festive AT ALL, and I do not appreciate it.  I'm guessing Santa and the elves are annoyed with  you as well ...

So if one day, a random post dated December 14, 2018 shows up, don't blame me!

Anyway, I'll repeat the photo I showed in yesterday's post, because I think you'll all enjoy it.  I think I have mentioned that the kitties, who are used to Dug, can't figure out why Hamlet didn't want to immediately cuddle and be friends with them.  Hamlet was never really around cats, so when he joined the family, he was not in any way aggressive, he just wasn't sure what to do.  He has gotten better, but he still doesn't quite get it when they try to cuddle.  But the other day, the Koodle got ever closer to his eventual goal.

Hamlet was snoring here, but as soon as I picked up the camera to take a photo, that one eye opened, which made me laugh!

Anyway, in today's post. I wanted to show you some photos that made me very happy!  You may or may not remember, a couple of years ago, I knitted hats for all of my nieces' husbands and significant others.  I got lovely thank yous, and was 99% sure they liked them, so that was nice.  But recently, my niece Amanda and her husband Patrick took a trip to Switzerland.  The photos they posted on Instagram and Facebook were so pretty, so Christmas-y, and made it look just as you imagine.  Then this morning, Patrick posted two photos on my Facebook timeline, thanking me for the socks I'd knit him a few years before, and the hat, saying that it kept him warm in Switzerland, and that he got lots of compliments on his hat from the Swiss "and one guy from Croatia." 

I told him thank you of course, but said that I'm glad my knits got to travel, even if I didn't! 

But seriously, you can bet that he and Amanda will get more knits - they would have anyway, as they are both extremely knitworthy, but this takes it up a whole 'nother level.

That's it for today.  Hopefully this will not just show up as "published" but will actually really *be* published!  I hope you are all having a good weekend.  We are cozy inside listening to Christmas music and doing Christmas things, while it is a rainy day outside.  It doesn't get much better than that.


Tired Teacher said...

The post and photos were definitely published. I got a chuckle out of Hamlet's photo. I think the cats will be able to snuggle with him soon.

Bonny said...

It's wonderful to see your knits being used, appreciated, with positive comments internationally!

Mereknits said...

I love that he is wearing the hat and loving it all over the world! Well a trip like that feels like they have been all over the world. Love your Christmas decorations from your last post.

AsKatKnits said...

Wearing gifted hand knits is a guarantee of more knits! Excellent! And, I love that Hamlet knew the camera was getting ready! LOL That is priceless!

Araignee said...

I've been having trouble loading people's blogs. It takes forever and sometimes I have to refresh to get them up. I worry that one day all this will just disappear. Wouldn't that just be terrible?

Dee said...

That is some knit-worthy relatives for sure!!!!

Hope you, Tim and the furkids have a wonderful weekend.

karen said...

knock on wood I have not had a problem with blogger....yet. I'm sorry you were having troubles though. It is frustrating to settle in and believe you will accomplish something on the computer and events happen otherwise.

Kym said...

It's so wonderful when your knit gifts get some real, live wear-time! :-)
(And I've been having trouble leaving comments on Blogger blogs for MONTHS now. Not all of them, but more all the time.)