07 December 2018

Trying Out TGIF

I always enjoy it when Kym does TGIF on her blog, and now Kat has done it a few times as well, so I've decided to give it a try today.

Thinking About - all of the things I want to get done around here this weekend.  None are things that will take all weekend, but all are things I need to just start, if you know what I mean.

Grateful For - the colder weather and the holiday season.  It makes me so happy, and though everyone else seems to wish it was summer, I love fall and winter and the dark nights coming early. 

Inspired By - physical and occupational therapists.  I've had enough therapy to know not just how hard they work, but how thankless it must seem occasionally.  I am always a very conscientious patient, and follow instructions, and do my assigned home exercises without fail.  But so much of the time, I see and hear others around me at the sessions that do nothing but complain, and who seem to truly believe that the therapists enjoy torturing them.  I say that as a joke, but I think you have to be foolish to really think that.  In any event, they carry on and most that I know seem to do it with a lot more grace than I could muster.

Fun - decorating the house and our tree for Christmas!  Those are two of the things on the agenda and I cannot wait.  I love it all, and we have a good time every year, remembering where we got some of our stuff, and who was with us, etc. 

Have a great weekend!


Araignee said...

I love winter too. I am more comfortable covered in clothes than not. If I didn't have those stupid outdoor kitties to worry about I would be in heaven right now. Seven years and they still won't come in to get out of the cold. I give up. They must like it out there.

Kym said...

What a lovely TGIF post! Although I am a summer-lover, I also really enjoy the winter -- and especially at the holiday time. I love the sparkle and the lights and coziness of it all! Enjoy your weekend, Bridget!
PS -- You are so right about PT and OT! It is kind of magical, what they can do! XO

sprite said...

Have fun with your decorating. I'm onto card writing this weekend -- and book gift shopping.

Bonny said...

I know two physical therapists, and they will appreciate your recognition of all their hard work. It is difficult, progress is slow, and it's often thankless work. Despite their best efforts, sometimes they get injured themselves. You are a model patient, and I hope you continue your progress.

Kim in Oregon said...

Just starting is challenging for me!

AsKatKnits said...

Bravo to your amazing PT people! And, I think they do thankless work... but it is their work that has the biggest impact!

I, too, just love this time of year! At least in December lol