22 December 2018

Find the Bumble

This year due to my somewhat limited activity, not all of our decorations were unpacked.  So for the ones that were, sometimes they ended up in new places.  This is technically an ornament, but has always been too big and too heavy for any tree we've had, so it is used for decoration.

Today I decided to put it on top of a huge print of a painting we have, and see how long it took before The Tim noticed it, if he noticed it at all.  I truly expected it would take a few days if he was going to see it.  About an hour after I placed it, he said, "I like how you put Rudolph and the Bumble on top of the FitzHugh Lane, that's great!"

The moral of this story is that it's a good thing I had not put money on this bet.  :-)


Dee said...

Bumble seems to be EVERYWHERE this Christmas. LOL

KSD said...

That may well be a record for a husband noticing ANYTHING>

Tired Teacher said...

LOL, I love it!