15 August 2022

An FO for Monday

Back in February, I posted this photo on Instagram - a sock having just passed the heel gusset and ready to go on to the foot. It was my first DK weight sock attempt.  I finished the sock, but to be honest I really hated it. Just I didn't like how it looked and I didn't think the colors looked good together. So I put it away to decide if it was ever going to have a mate.

Then in July, I decided that I wanted a quick knit. I thought, well, it's summer, knit a pair of shortie socks for yourself. But I was uninspired. Then I thought, why not take apart the single sock I didn't like and use it for some shorties? DK weight shorties would be nice to wear around the house when the weather cools in the fall.

So I took apart the single regular sock, and got started. This past Friday I finished the second sock, so now I have a pair of shorties for the fall.

Project: DK weight shortie socks
Pattern: DK Weight Vanilla Socks, by Crazy Sock Lady Designs (free on Ravelry), adapted to be shortie socks
Yarn: Legacy Fiber Artz DK Sock Set, in the colorway Rory
Needles:  US size 3
Modifications: I adapted the pattern which is for a pair of regular socks, to be shortie socks. I mostly used the pattern for the number of stitches, etc. I also used the Shadow Wrap Heel from Earthtones Girl, instead of a regular heel and gusset.
Comments: I'm pleased with these socks, and will wear them around the house. But I have to say that this is one yarn set that looked a whole lot better in the skein than actually knit up. The colors on their own are nice; I like the navy with the main color better than the lighter blue. But this yarn just didn't end up appealing to me as I was knitting it. I'm not sure why, because I am a big fan of blues. I do like the shorties better, but if I had seen the way this colorway knit up, I would probably have chosen something else. Oh well, they will still be cozy and warm.

And an FO is always a good thing!


Dee said...

Warm is warm no matter what the color. I think they look nice.

Nance said...

They'll be perfect for keeping warm and cozy. Congrats on getting them all done. Sometimes blues just sort of miss in certain blends, but a warm sock is always a hit.

Araignee said...

Cute finish! I feel that way about the blue pair of socks I am working on. They are better than the skein looked but it's still not doing it for me. That's always a death knell for a project. I have to force myself to pick them up.

Vera said...

I like them! They will feel cozy come the cooler months.

Kim in Oregon said...

Yay for an FO! I like them!

Kym said...

I think they turned out so nicely, Bridget. I like the blues, but I get it . . . having often been disappointed by the way yarn knits up (after looking so lovely in the skein). Your socks remind me of cool waters! XO