29 November 2021

An FO For a Monday

Hello to all of you!  I hope your Thanksgiving was a lovely one if you celebrate, and that in any case, you had a good weekend.  

Today I have another FO for you:

Project: Birthday Cake Close to You
Pattern: Close to You, by Justyna Lorkowska (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Dye Is Cast Squish Wish Sock, in the colorway Sweet Sixteen
Needles: US size 6
Modifications: The pattern calls for a total of 19 eyelet rows, and I did 20, because a) I had enough yarn, and b) I could not do 19 when I had enough to get to a nice, round, even number.
Comments: First of all, the yarn.  This yarn was specifically dyed for the sixteenth anniversary of my LYS, Loop.  You can't really tell from my photos, but it is a cream base, with flecks of various colors, to resemble Funfetti cake and frosting (remember that?).  It's lovely yarn, and really really really nice to use for knitting - soft, squishy (truth in advertising), and it shows the pattern detail nicely.

You may recall this this yarn was originally for a Hipster Shawl for my niece Julie - well, I got a bit into that pattern, and there was just too much going on for my brain.  Plus, I realized that I knit things for Julie and family last year for Christmas, so I decided to switch gears altogether and knit something for her sister, Liz.  Liz was born on December 25 - so they celebrate Christmas on the morning of that day, and "Lizmas" (as the family calls it) in the afternoon.  I wanted to find something special, because Liz is a wonderful and sweet person, but given what her other sisters are usually up to, she is often in the background.  When I saw this pattern, I knew I wanted to knit it for her - and even better, the pattern is a freebie!

This is a well-written pattern, and once you do one or two of the pattern repeats, it's in your head, which is always nice, so you don't have to keep stopping to look every once in a while.  It was truly a joyful knitting experience, because as you go along, it just keeps looking prettier and prettier.  I can't wait to send it to her because I think she will be genuinely surprised, and hopefully pleased.

(In the above photo, it reminds me of a bird's wings in flight.)

I can highly recommend this pattern.  If you are a person who cannot use Ravelry, you might want to ask someone who doesn't have issues to print it for you, because I don't see that she has another place where it's available (truth alert: I didn't spend a ton of time looking, sorry!).  Anyway, you should get it one way or another and knit away - you will NOT be disappointed!


Vera said...

Nice finish Bridget! I have knit that pattern and it really is very nice.

KSD said...

So, so very pretty! "Confetti" yarn is one of my favorites.

Dee said...

Birthday cake yarn for the birthday girl! GENIUS!

Close to You is a gorgeous pattern. I've made one and really enjoyed it too.

Nance said...

That is truly a lovely shawl. I have Close to You saved from ages ago, but I don't have fingering weight yarn. I may just wing it with some nice worsted weight.

I always requested Confetti Cake for my birthday, which was an angel food cake with the rainbow flecks inside. I remember it cooling upside down on a bottle.

Beautiful FO, Bridget. A terrific gift.

Wanderingcatstudio said...


Kim in Oregon said...

Great finish on that!

Araignee said...

Fabulous!!!! She's going to love it!

sprite said...

It's really pretty -- and I bet your niece will love it!

Kym said...

Such a perfect gift knit, Bridget. I have knit that pattern, and you're so right -- it's lovely and also fun. (I have a special fondness for Funfetti anything. It was my daughter's favorite kind of cake, and it just reminds me of her every time I see it, so thanks for that.) XO

Meredith MC said...

Hi there, I love the shawl, and the yarn is perfect for it. I do have some feedback about the blog, and I hope you don’t mind hearing it. The pale yellow font is hard for me to read, and causes some eye strain. Since it’s not a ton to read, I’ve been able to enjoy your posts anyways, but I would love to see a darker color of font.
I know we don’t know each other, but I feel somewhat connected because I am a librarian too (middle school). I know our day to day probably could not be more different, yet there’s the written word providing the thread.
Okay. Thank you for blogging. I love seeing what you’re up to and reading the funnies you post.
Happy Holiday Season.