15 November 2021

Moving Right Along Here

This past weekend, a lot of things happened that were small, but big - do you know what I mean?  I managed to accomplish quite a bit, but no one, single major thing.  And I'm good with that, because the things I did work on made me feel happy.

For instance, on Friday evening, I finally go to the point of adding the second color to the Musselburgh Hat I'm making for my niece's husband for Christmas, and the colors go together so well, that you can't even see a color jog where one yarn joins the other!

(This closeup was shortly after I started on the second color -
 I have about 4 inches of it knit as of last night.)

Saturday morning, The Tim wanted to go to a nearby Kohl's because he had a coupon and needed some pants for work.  So we headed to one that is also near a Target, and has a Crate and Barrel store across the road.  The Tim got what he wanted, which was a good thing, but we also managed to complete a good chunk of our holiday shopping for others.  There are only three things left to get, and they are easily obtained.  So I'm hoping that I can get things wrapped and ready for him to take to the post office the weekend after Thanksgiving, which at least theoretically (a BIG theoretically, given life these days) means they will arrive at their destinations in plenty of time. The best part is, we really didn't spend much at all - things were either on sale, or had a coupon with them, etc.  Which is nice, because although we do enjoy sending packages to people, we generally do not have a lot of funds to spend.

Besides making good progress on the hat I'm knitting, I also got another good chunk of squares made for my make-up remover pads that are part of the birthday gifts I have for a set of nieces.  

Just a few more to do, and some ends, etc. to trim, and they are ready as well.  And best of all, I'll have used up some leftover stash, so it's definitely a win-win!

There was also a bit of "specialized" laundry done (you know, things that need specific kinds of handling in the wash), The Tim gave Hamlet a bath, and the Philadelphia Eagles won a game!  OK, we had nothing really to do with that last item, but it was a lovely addition to the weekend nonetheless. 😊

These next two weeks are short ones for me, work-wise.  I am taking Thursday and Friday off this week, because The Tim's birthday is Thursday and after taking that off, I didn't think I'd feel like going in on Friday, so I took that off as well.  Which will make it a short week (though I do have my Annual Review at work tomorrow afternoon with the Boss Like Tr**p).  Then next week is Thanksgiving week, and we have Thursday and Friday off, as well as Wednesday!  Granted, Wednesday they ended up *having* to give us the day off, because some kind of work needs to be done in our building that will require the electricity to be off for the bulk of the work day - but who cares, I'll take it!  I think even our horrid CEO realized that most people would not be too dedicated to working from home the day before Thanksgiving, so just decided to face facts.  I know no one - other than him - who has been complaining or is upset by that whole development ...

Anyway, we'll see how things play out going forward.  I hope this week treats all of us decently, since I feel certain we all deserve that.  Take care.


Nance said...

I feel like this post is full of Wins. Days off, knitting projects going well, Xmas shopping almost done and with money saved--all good news.

Fingers crossed for your Annual Review.

Dee said...

Sounds like it was a good weekend all around. Enjoy your time off.

Araignee said...

It must feel wonderful to have most of your holiday shopping behind you. One of the only good things coming out of the pandemic is that we've all pretty much stopped giving each other gifts-except for the Grands. It makes life so much easier since I am the world's worst shopper.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Sounds like you got a lot accomplished! I know I feel a tonne of joy when I'm able to cross things off my gift list (and they don't cost me an arm and a leg!)

kathy b said...

Great happy post. Your hat join is tru1y invisib1e!

Kim in Oregon said...

Hooray for several short weeks!

Kym said...

Those little things really do add up! And YES to some well-deserved days off. XO