02 November 2021

The One Where The Tim Thinks He Is On Top of Things

Before I go on about The Tim, I have a funny story for you.  The year that we got married, the time changed on that weekend.  We were married on a Saturday evening, and didn't have a honeymoon since The Tim was on his fall break from grad school and so we were making our way back to Notre Dame.  Anyway, we left to make it at least a couple of hours into our trip, and had planned to spend the night at a motel in Cambridge, Ohio.  Because we were fancy that way, and who doesn't long to spend their wedding night in such exotic environs?  

Anyway, the next morning we got up and it was about 11:30 ... or was it 10:30?  We knew the time was changing, but couldn't remember if we were in an area that changed the clocks (as some places in the Midwest do not).  We had planned to go to McDonald's (again, fancy!) but knew they stopped serving breakfast at noon (at least back then).  This was long before clocks and other items automatically changed time due to computer chips, etc.  So we decided to look for a phone book, and call the front desk to make sure what time it was, when checkout was, etc.  Because the two things you could count on being in the drawers in a motel or a hotel at  that time were a) a Gideon bible, and b) a phone book.

Not so fast, though.  We opened the drawers in our room and found the Gideon bible, but not a phone book.  Instead, we found an paperback book with color photos, and the charming title "Young C*** F*****s."  (Rhymes with Young Punt Tuckers, fyi.)  I have to tell you that we were surprised but also horrified, because after seeing just a few of the images, it was ... a lot.  But one of my favorite things was that The Tim said, "Did you see how much eyeliner those women had on??"  And that has become a regular thing on our anniversary - at some point in the day or evening, one of us will say, "Did you see how much eyeliner those women had on??" and then we kill ourselves laughing.  And then we also remember how for a couple of minutes, we considered taking the book with us, to pass along as a prank gift to a friend; but we decided against it, because we convinced ourselves that with our luck, we would be in a terrible accident, and the police would return that to our family with our personal effects.  Not worth it, you know?  😜

(We decided we would just pack the car and stop somewhere to eat once we were on the road, for anyone wondering what we did.  We found out the time once we turned on the car radio.).

OK, there is your funny story which comes to mind every year at our anniversary and when it is time to change the clocks.  Except, at some point (I think it was George W's idea), the time change in the U.S. got moved to a week later.

This past Sunday, I got up and was doing something, and looked at the clock and thought that something was off.  Because it was showing the time and it was *very* confusing.  It didn't work, based on how long I had been up, and what time I'd gotten up.  I looked and the time on my tablet was an hour different.  And I just could not figure out what happened.

Once The Tim got up, he asked me why I didn't remind him that it was the weekend we changed the clocks, because he had remembered right before he went to bed the night before, and had changed all the clocks then.  I said I had not reminded him because it wasn't this past weekend.  He insisted it was, and referenced something he had read online.  Which was in an English newspaper.  Because they DID in fact turn their clocks back this weekend!  I pointed out that we would be doing it this coming weekend instead.  He was so disappointed, because he had been so pleased with himself because he "remembered."  

Then he said, "I don't know why you let me think that it was this weekend."  And then *I* said, "I don't know why we've stayed married for 43 years."  

And then we laughed ourselves silly.

The End.


Araignee said...

Funny story!
I've been all weirded out by the lack of a time change for some reason. I am not used to it being this dark in the morning and my sleep schedule is all messed up. I can't even imagine how I'm going to handle it when the time does change this weekend. I used to hate the time changes when I was a teacher because it makes kids cranky but I guess it makes old folks cranky too. At least this old folk.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That sounds a lot like Dave and I!

Apparently someone working for Bell Mobility in Canada didn't get the message like Tim, - a whole bunch of cell customers had their phones go back an hour on Sunday and they were all very confused! Bell isn't saying what exactly happened, but I bet it was something similar to poor Tim!

Kim in Oregon said...

I don't know if this is true, but someone told me that they won't make the clocks go back before Halloween so there is more light for little kids to go trick or treating in.


Dee said...

Happy Anniversary ............no matter WHAT time it is where you live! LOL

The eyeliner story really cracked me up. Not sure THAT is really the main feature of that book.

Lorette said...

Well at le he tried. My peeve is that most of our clock like devices reset automatically, but a few don’t. And I can’t remember which, so I’m perpetually confused until I get it together eventually.