10 November 2021

Throwback Photo and My Latest Reads

Hello!  Since it's Wednesday, I decided to write a post for Unraveled Wednesday, and join Kat and the others to talk about knitting and reading.  

I am currently reading two books - one is my "regular" book that I read at home whenever the spirit moves me, and the other is my "lunch hour book" which I read at work during my half-hour lunch break.  Often the lunch hour book comes home at the end of the week so I can finish it, but it's easier to leave it locked in my desk drawer than carry it back and forth every day.

Here is my current regular book, borrowed from the library, which I just started reading last night:

So far, it's really interesting, and I'm curious to see where it's heading.

My lunch hour book which I started actually reading at home over the weekend is this one:

I'm a bit further into this one, and so far I like it.  Elly Griffiths is really good at setting the scene and giving you the feeling of place.  As it turns out, I currently have all of the books in the Ruth Galloway series, because someone in our neighborhood Buy Nothing group was giving them away.  I figure I'll pass along the favor once I've finished.  It's kind of nice to have all of them available and ready to read when I'm in the mood.

Knitting-wise, as I mentioned yesterday, I've been knitting on some makeup remover cloths for gifts, and still knitting away on the Musselburgh Hat I'm making for my niece's husband as a Christmas gift.  I don't have photos of anything current to show you, but I came across an older photo that I thought you'd enjoy.

A few years back when I finished a sweater I'd knit, I asked The Tim to take some photos of me wearing the finished item.  It was one of the first successful sweaters I'd knitted for myself, and I definitely wanted photographic proof.  He managed to get some nice shots, but the one that we enjoyed the most (for all the wrong reasons of course) was this one:

It still makes me laugh until I cry when I see it - what is happening here?  I think I was in between shots, but the expression on my face is the thing that gets me every single time.  I realize that most people would never share such a photo, but since I'm sure that somehow, this will be the shot that is used for my memorial service after I die, I might as well embrace it and share it here while we can all get a good laugh.

I shared this one Facebook shortly after it was taken, and besides the general hilarity that ensued, a friend asked if they could use it for their profile picture, hahahaha!  

Everyone's a comedian, right???


Ellen D. said...

I enjoyed the Ruth Galloway series very much!
I just finished "Cloud Cuckoo Land" which was long but I really liked that one too! I did not keep track of the different characters appearing in different ages but it all came together and made sense.
I also recommend "West With Giraffes" as I could not put that one down!
I usually read mysteries so these 2 were a surprising change for me!

Dee said...

That is you .... I am so over this shit ... look.

The sweater IS lovely. It deserves it's time in the limelight at your memorial.

Araignee said...

Oh, my gosh that photo made me laugh. I just asked The Mister to take some photos of me when I wore Lofoten for the first time and I had to cut my head out of all of them. I hate to think I look that clueless irl but I bet I do. It seems I've got a bad case of resting crazy old lady face but I suppose I've earned it.

WendyKnits said...

Love love love the photo! When I retired from the day job in September, one of the attendees at my virtual retirement party shared a photo of me from a photo shoot for the Department of Labor's employee magazine back when I first started working for the agency. (My boss bullied me into doing the article.) We all laughed until we cried! Posing with a skein of yarn and a pained look on my face.