20 May 2022

Five Favorites for This Friday

It's been a really long time since I've done one of these posts, so I thought I would go ahead and tell you five things from this week that were good.

1. A woman who I follow on Facebook posted this cartoon, and it made me laugh really hard because, well, look for yourself (clicking on it should open it to be more readable):

2. Our roof has needed to be replaced for a while now - I'm talking falling ceiling and  mold in the bedroom (which is why I have moved to the guest room - I can't sleep through dripping water!).  The Tim keeps talking about calling someone, but there has been no evidence of that happening.  So this week, I called three different places to come and give us estimates.  One came on Tuesday, and the other two are coming next week.  I'm glad I finally decided to go ahead and call myself, because maybe that means we can actually have the problem solved.

3. I can't remember if I told you that The Tim bought me some very large plant containers for my birthday (at my request).  About a month ago, we went to a nearby place and bought plants to go into the containers - a forsythia, a lilac, and a hydrangea.  I am beyond thrilled that not only are they all still alive, but they appear to be thriving - the hydrangea has a bloom emerging!  I really hope I can keep them all alive and happy.  (Though this weekend we are supposed to have our first heat wave of the season (which should happen in the SEASON of summer, but hello global warming), and as the TV weather people keep telling us in a sickly enthusiastic way, "It will break records, with temperatures in the high nineties and the 'feels like' temperature will be over 100 degrees!" Here's hoping the plants survive it!)

4. My horrible boss at work has been out of the country for the past two weeks and it has been glorious to not have him around in person and cyber-wise.

5. We had a primary election here in Pennsylvania this past Tuesday, and for a change, nearly every person I voted for, won!  And, stupid Dr. Oz (who lives in NJ by the way) and his terrible opponent are still fighting on their side of things about who won!  The deciding votes will be - get this - once the MAIL IN VOTES have been counted.  The irony, it burns.  As a friend of mine says, ha-to-the-ha!

Here's hoping there have been a least a few things that were good in your world, and that your weekend is a nice one, whether or not it is going to be eleventy hundred degrees where you are.  Take care, and I'll see you next week! 


Nance said...

We're getting the same steamy, summery weather. The weather person was gleeful about informing us. I hate that.

I'm so glad you have had some respite from your hellacious boss. It's like a working vacation.

Enjoy your weekend and drink tall, iced things.

karen said...

hope you get a good quote for the roof! We are getting a new one this summer, ours is not leaking yet but it looks like it wants to leak!!

Ellen D. said...

Roofing is costly but SO NICE when it is done because then you can forget about it for quite a few years!
Glad you got a break from your boss. Sorry you have to keep working for him.
Glad your candidates did well. Hope they win in November!

Dee said...

Ahhhh...roofing! Such a fun way to spend! Not!

Araignee said...

That means you must have voted for Fetterman. I follow him on Twitter and love the guy. He needs to take care of his health because his voice is sorely needed.

Kym said...

We had the hot-and-steamy, record-breaking weather last week. It was . . . shocking . . . for mid-May. (But then what is even "shocking" anymore????) Your plants should be okay . . . if you keep them well-watered. (Good luck.) I hope you get some good estimates for your roof repairs! Sometimes it's best to just take matters into your own hands when it comes to those naggy-draggy household chores. XO

Kim in Oregon said...

When the $#%^* landscapers finally start their job at our house, we're getting hydrangeas! I do love them, they're so 'look at me I'm beautiful' which usually isn't my style but I cut hydrangeas some slack.