24 May 2022

FO Post: Well That Took a Long Time!

I just looked on my Ravelry page, and apparently I started knitting my Easter socks on March 25, 2022.  I finished them this past Sunday, May 22, so ... it was a while

This was the yarn caked up - it came in two separate skeins, which I will admit that I like, because then I can knit a cuff, and then another cuff; a leg and then another leg; and on through the pair.  So that when I finish one toe, I only have the toe of the second sock to do!

Project:  Hoppity Socks
Pattern:  My own stitch pattern, on a plain vanilla sock
Yarn:  Timber Yarns Twin Sock, in the colorway Eggsquisite
Needles:  US size 1
Notes:  I was really excited to start this pair, figuring if I started in late March, I would easily have them ready for Easter.  And things moved along well, to a certain point.

Cuff, heel, and the start of the foot on Sock #1 - meaning that Sock #2 was finished to the end of the heel.  I used the Shadow Wrap Heel, shown in this video from Earthtones Girl.  I've made one other pair with this heel, and wanted to try it again.

Anyway, the pattern on the leg portion is one I made up, and I decided since it was scattered onto the leg of the sock, it reminded me of little bunnies jumping around, hippity hoppity, hence the name of this project.  (If anyone would like to know the stitch pattern, please say so, and I'll write it up and share it.)

Then I ran out of knitting mojo.  So the socks sat in the project bag for quite a while.  Weeks, actually.  I made a bit of progress on them over one evening, but that was it.  And then this past weekend, I decided that I was going to finish them, no matter what.  The good thing is, that I did finish them, and I have to say that I could feel a little bit of my desire to knit things return, so I'm glad I picked them up again.

They don't quite match, which doesn't bother me at all, and I love how happy and cheerful they are!  Nothing about knitting this pair of socks was hard - they only took so long to complete because of operator neglect.  😊

Right now, we're heading into warmer weather, so they may not be worn anytime soon, but I'm happy knowing that when I'm ready for them, they'll be ready for me!


Vera said...

Those really are fun and happy socks!! My last pair took me FOREVER to knit - like you, probably 2 months (or maybe even a little more!).

Araignee said...

That is exactly how I knit my socks. That way I can get them to match and I don't end up with SSS. Your Easter socks remind me of Easter eggs. Such happy stripes!

Kim in Oregon said...

I love them! The colors just sing spring!