27 November 2020

And It Was Good

Hello, and to those of you in the U.S., I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, however you may have had to adjust your plans.  And for everyone else, I hope you had a lovely day.  

Our Thanksgiving was just wonderful.  We had pumpkin pie for breakfast, which was really yummy.  I love having desserts for breakfast.  I'm sure I wouldn't find it as fun if it was all the time, but I love it when it happens.  Our day was relaxing, and our dinner turned out really well.  Our new water heater was called into active duty, and did a wonderful job.  We watched some shows we had lined up, did some reading, drank some wine, and I even ended the day with a HO (half-finished object - completed before the wine drinking started):

Slothmas Sock #1 even has the ends woven in!

It was a cozy, lovely day, which is what I love best about Thanksgiving.  It's a holiday to just be, and to relax, and enjoy what is.  And of course this year it was bittersweet in so many ways.  I hope the day landed gently for those who needed it.

Today we will be taking Hamlet to the vet if we can get an appt.  I have no idea what happened, but on his walk Wednesday afternoon, he started limping big-time.  We checked and can't see anything in his paw/leg and he doesn't seem to be in searing pain, but he is limping and is definitely uncomfortable.  Poor bug, he is such a good boy, and of course we don't want him to be hurt.  We are hoping it might be just a sprain, but will have to find out what is going on so that hopefully he can get back to his usual self soon.

I was dismayed to read Alison's comment that Black Friday has infiltrated New Zealand.  Ugh.  Why does it seem so often that only the unpleasant things from America become global?  Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Black Friday per se - I have often gone out shopping the day after Thanksgiving to shop and had fun.  But I'm a pretty low-key shopper, and for instance, could never be bothered to line up all night for "a deal."  And it annoys me that some of the worst things Americans do are what most of the world sees and is exposed to.  But people annoy me in general, so nothing new there, right?  

No shopping today, though.  I did go out for a few specific things on Wednesday afternoon, and was successful.  Since most of our gifts are knitted and ready to go, we are spending very little this year.  (Well, you can't really spend what you don't have, but you know what I mean.)  I figured I would try to get packages together so we can mail things early if at all possible.  

Other than getting some things wrapped and ready, my plans are to read, knit, and decide what combination of leftovers to have for dinner.  I'm hoping we can get a vet appt for Hamlet early in the day, but we'll adapt the day however necessary.  One nice thing about not having guests or traveling on a holiday long weekend is that the time belongs to no one but you.  That always works for me!


Dee said...

Sending good wishes to Hamlet. Hope it is nothing serious.

Other than that ... have a great weekend.

Nance said...

Poor Hamlet! I do hope it's something not too serious, and that he has not been in much pain. I know you'll keep us updated.

I'm dismayed about most things in America right now. Seeing all the lines at airports for Thanksgiving made me angry and frustrated. We're proving the stereotypes for the rest of the world about stupid, selfish, and pushy Americans.

Our Thanksgiving was quiet and pleasant, just us. Today will be the same, and I'm going to take a nice walk and read. Probably vacuum, which will be NOT nice, but no big deal.

annie said...

Yes Black Friday is in New Zealand - part of the Americanisation of us. So we have some interesting sale prices. A printer last week was $109, in the Black Friday sales it is $122. I am sure there are others! We also got a few years ago, Halloween and Valentine’s Day but you haven’t got Guy Fawkes! Some of your spelling is creeping in as well as in “meter” instead of “metre” but so far we seem to be retaining words like “colour” but time will tell on that. Youngsters say “zee” instead of “zed” and we tend to say “zero” instead of “nought”f

KSD said...

Hope, hope, hope Hamlet is okay.

Araignee said...

Oh, no....limping dogs are no fun. Pup spent a year recovering from torn whatchamacallits in both her back legs. She's just fine now but we don't let her jump anymore.
I love that sock. The mail person just brought me some holiday themed sock yarn and as soon as I get these fall ones off the needles they are going on.

Mereknits said...

I stay in on Black Friday and decorate, no shopping for me. This year I am on my way to being finished, not quite yet but I made a huge effort to start early. your day sounds wonderful Bridget. Stay safe.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Glad your day was good. I told Dave, my favourite thing about my birthday, is birthday cake for breakfast the next day!

Caffeine Girl said...

As much as I missed my family this year, I really am enjoying having so much leisure time. On the other hand, my mother tested positive for Covid, so there's been a lot of phone calls with my brothers and making of arrangements for her. Pretty scary!

steph said...

Shira sends Hamlet her very best 'be brave' doggie thoughts. Hoping the vet works miracles...they often do!!!