04 November 2020

And Now ... We Wait

Oh Pennsylvania, please do the right thing!

Arizona - YES! (Something I have never said before.)

But unlike what we have been told by a certain Liar-in-Chief, we still don't know who has won the election for President.  So don't lose hope.

So what did you do yesterday, besides voting if you already had not by mail? I had big plans.  Well, big plans for once I was home, since Tuesdays are one of the days I'm at work in our building.  I was going to spend the evening knitting, reading, occasionally watching the results as they came in on TV, and of course enjoying a libation (or drowning my sorrows if necessary).  

Instead, I spent most of the day in bed, or sitting in a chair, feeling like I was going to die.  My original plan had been to go last Friday to get the second part of my shingles vaccine.  It turned out that Friday got all turned around, so I didn't go until yesterday.  Which was stupid, I should have waited until Friday of this week.  Because I got the shot on Monday afternoon, came home and other than a sore armw was fine.  Suddenly (seriously, all of a sudden), I was feverish, had one of the worst headaches ever, and felt like I was freezing.  I barely slept, and then not well, and so yesterday was spent in a weird sick haze.  I couldn't have made it into work if we had been getting paid a million dollars to show up.  My headache kept me from being able to read or to knit - I just sat and existed.  FINALLY around 9 p.m. I started to rejoin the land of the living, and today I feel fine.  But really, UGH.  I've learned my lesson - do not go for a flu or shingles shot if you are supposed to be somewhere the next day.

At least today I can function, so I shall continue with my plans that were for yesterday, omitting of course going in to work (even if I wanted to, I can't go into the building if it's not my day to be there).  I finished the first of the socks I was knitting, and will at least get the other one started.  And I want to cast on for a sweater, so maybe that will happen today as well.  I have about 50 pages left in a current book I'm reading, which is an enjoyable cozy mystery (the only thing I can handle right now).  

Keep the faith.  We can still hope.


Nance said...

I knew Ohio would let me down. COME ON PENNSYLVANIA.

Bridget, I'm sorry you had such a rough reaction to your vaccine. I've not yet gotten a shingles vaccine, and this is NOT what I want to hear at all.

I'm glad you're feeling better.

kayT said...

Just remember that many many people who get shingles have pain for months, years, or even for life (my MIL did). The sickness from the shots doesn't affect everyone and when it does it's just for a couple of days as far as I know.

OK, forgive my lecture. Sorry it hit you so hard, Bridget, and I hope you are all ok by this evening.

KSD said...

SO sorry about your Sudden Onset. Hang in there. In so many senses of the words.

Kim in Oregon said...

Oh that sounds awful. I hate it when our plans go off the rails like that.

Martha said...

I'm so sorry you felt so bad but glad you are feeling better today. I am still glued to the TV and will be until the results are final. I'm beyond disappointed that it's even so close. 50% of Americans are that stupid?! It's mind blowing!

Araignee said...

Oh dear......so sorry to hear about your reaction to the shingle shot. I've never had the shot yet but I've seen shingles when my grandmother and my dad got them and they are no fun. I sure hope you feel better soon.

Dee said...

We got our first shingles shot last Friday. I had a pretty sore arm for a couple of days and about an hour of feeling a bit dizzy and a bit of a headache.

Steve, on the other hand, was fine for two days then came down with a headache, a rash where the injection was, and a fever. That lasted until today when he noticed he didn't have a fever anymore and surprise, surprise, the rash was gone.

And, oh boy, we get to do it again in February! Looking forward to THAT like another 4 years of Trump.

Hope you are feeling better soon.