24 November 2020

Tiny Brain Tuesday

Thank you for your kind comments about my newly-completed pair of socks!  I am beyond pleased with them, I have to admit.

New Covid restrictions have gone into effect here in Philadelphia, as I suspect they have in lots of other places.  Though at least at the moment, I will still be going to work in our building on Tuesdays and Thursdays (well, Tuesday only this week).  Since no one else will be around but the security guard, the physical plant guy, and the woman who takes care of the live animals, I'm not overly worried - we are all far apart in the building, and seldom have reason to interact.  And already, I did not see many people on my walk to and from work - this morning there were even fewer. 

Anyway, my brain is feeling tiny today, so you get a post of random things, since I should probably save some of what brain power is there for my work.  


 -- The other day, I came across this t-shirt:

It's available here, if you are interested.

I told The Tim that when I saw this, I felt seen.  He said that the only way it could be better would be if they added "and animals."  He's not wrong.

-- The Koodle has decided that if I am sitting down and using the laptop, he MUST not just sit on my lap, but use his paw to scroll the screen.  I'll be in the middle of something, and suddenly things are wonky, or the window is closed.  I told The Tim that the Koodle uses the touch scroll more than I ever will.  He seems to find it entertaining that he can move the screen around and up and down.  Hilarious for him.  Not so much for me.

-- I spoke to my sister in California this weekend, and she said that they decided to cancel their Thanksgiving plans - or as she put it "cancel Thanksgiving."  I'm relieved even if she is unhappy about it.  My favorite thing is when she said, "What's the point of having a holiday if there are just the two of you?"  Um, Hello?  I was tempted to point out that there are always just the two of us, and we have really fun, wonderful holidays, but a) I know what she meant, and b) it's not worth getting into it, and hear her tell me how that wasn't what she meant, etc.  

-- My brother-in-law in WV (married to my other sister) is apparently quarantining at home since someone in his office has Covid.  So far he has no symptoms and has had two negative tests, which is good news.  I suspect they are not overly conscientious in his office about wearing masks, but I also have a feeling they will be now.

-- Every year for Christmas, I buy little gifts for all of the nieces and nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews from the kitties and Hamlet.  They use their "allowance" to buy the things and they can only be under $3.00.  Between Target and Five Below this year, they have now finished their holiday shopping!  Target in particular has some good things in their $1.00+ bins at the front - let's just say that  lot of people are receiving silicone straws in their own carrying case ... ;-)

-- Over the weekend, I cleaned up the planter in front our house, and then swept up leaves in the front and the entryway.  I had six Chewy boxes of leaves and dead plants by the time I was finished, and I didn't even get to the actual garden space yet!  Every year I am reminded that it's a good thing I am not a person with a yard.

-- And yesterday, 2020 continued its magic for us.  You may recall that earlier in the year, we had to replace my laptop, and then also our stove.  Well, not to be outdone, yesterday both the microwave and the water heater gave up the ghost.  We can certainly live for a while without a microwave, but NOT without a water heater.  Fortunately, the plumber is coming today, and said that if nothing to complicated is wrong, he should be able to install a new one today or tomorrow.  Which is good news, except for our credit cards.

-- Lastly, tonight at approximately 10:30 p.m. it will mark 51 years since my father died.  Which is a long time, but some days it feels like it was yesterday.  Frankly, I'm glad that neither of my parents is here to experience this pandemic.  Though I would love to be able at least call them on the phone.  In any case, please raise a glass to my dad on your Thanksgiving, because he was even more of a holiday person than I am!

OK, I'd better get moving.  I hope your day goes well, and that your household appliances behave themselves.  😏


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I laughed a little too hard at koodle using your track pad. Every once in a while I get messages from Mom that look like "afihsofhalskfhaosf" and I know that Winnie is at her computer (usually sitting on the keyboard) again

This year will be the first year that Dave and I are spending Christmas just the two of us. I am sad about not seeing my nieces, but I'm looking forward to just chilling with him and not having to deal with my inlaws.

Dee said...

Hope all goes well with the water heater.

It must be the week for plumbers. We had to replace a shower drain pipe. That little scream you heard was our check book.

Nance said...

People like your sister are not intentionally hurtful, but their selfishness is so thoughtless. No matter what you say, her explanation will still come down to her Being Thoughtless Due To Selfishness. Or Selfish Due To Thoughtlessness.

I get it. Sigh.

The only time I remember that my laptop is also a touchscreen is when the cats decide to remind me. At their convenience, of course, and not mine.

Rick and I will be having our second Just The Two Of Us Thanksgiving. This year we will not be broken by surgery and a fall, and I plan on being thankful for that.

Here's to your dear dad, Bridget. Well-loved and well-remembered.

Vera said...

Cheers to your Dad and Happy Thanksgiving! Love the tee shirt.

steph said...

I get the 'only two of us' thing....that's the way it is for us, too. We often gather 'strays' who also don't have family in the area and turn our tiny table into one of real celebration...but not this year. So the pluses....I don't have to make a turkey (I don't eat poultry), I don't have to fuss with setting a table and dragging out Thanksgiving plates (although they are definitely my favorite china by far!), and I won't be washing dishes and putting away food until 10 pm. Sometimes there are silver linings if you look hard.

Happy thanksgiving. Cheers to your dad's memory.