05 November 2020

Popularity Has Never Been My Strong Point

On the plus side, I've also never cared if I was popular, because I dislike so many people who are/were.  Life as an equal opportunity hater evens out every once in a while, you know?

But something recently reminded me of this, and so for Three on Thursday, I decided I would share Three Things That Have Not Made Me Popular:

1.  I do not believe that "All Women Are [fill in the blank]."  Why do I not believe this?  Because all people are not all anything, except maybe our skeletons.  I'm all for uplifting and supporting women, but I refuse to think All Women Are Noble when I know they are not.  Just like - and I'm sorry if this shocks you - All Knitters Are Nice is not true.  I know plenty that are terrible people.  It happens.

2.  There are areas of the country that, on the whole, I do not like.  I am sure there are people there I would like, and that I could become friends with, but unless I have to go where they are, I'll never find out.  I know it's probably based on certain personal prejudices of mine, but nonetheless there you are.  And to be perfectly honest, there are a couple of places that if I found out I had to move there again, I would require constant and heavy sedation.  But you know what?  It would never occur to me to say it to anyone other than The Tim and the critters, because I know it's ridiculous.  And I know that I would somehow manage to survive if I had to live/live again in these places.  That is what complaining is for, right??

3.  A friend's mother posted this on social media the other day:

Before moving on with this one, let me say that I get it - people should not spend their lives living in fear.  And I know that so many of us are really sick of this whole pandemic thing.  

But ... NOPE.  NO NO NO NO.  Here is how I responded:

"I appreciate what you are trying to say here, but I think it's best to not get together with family you have not seen or been around this year.  I don't feel it's worth it to create the possibility that it will be everyone's last Christmas."  

Granted, I would normally keep this to myself, but I feel really strongly about this whole thing.  Covid cases are leaping exponentially, and at least here in Philadelphia (you know, voting cheater country), we have been told that a majority of cases have originated with family gatherings since people are tired of staying apart.  Would I LOVE the chance to see my family this holiday season, or anytime soon?  You bet. Will I?  NO.WAY.  

Anyway, let's just suffice it to say it didn't go over well.  And I have lost no sleep over that.  (Over other stuff, of course, but not this.)


Thanks, by the way for your comments over my illness/reaction to my shingles vaccine. I'm feeling much better, and it was of course way better than getting shingles again because they are awful.  But really, did that all even need to happen?  Of course not!

Have a good one today, however you can.  


KSD said...

The whole "living in fear" with regard to COVID gets under my skin a bit. It isn't fear we should avoid, it's abject stupidity.

Martha said...

I totally agree with you on the Covid issue. I really get annoyed when I hear people say stop living in fear. It's not living in fear, it's using our brains and staying safe!

Ellen D. said...

Biden is getting very close to the magic number of 270 electoral votes (AP says he has 264 now!) Hang in there!

Kym said...

First, I'm so glad you're feeling better after your shingles vaccination. When I had mine (both doses) . . . it totally knocked me on my butt! As for your 3 things, I find your directness and honesty refreshing, as always. (And generalizations are always, always a bad idea.) XO

Alison said...

What really bugs me is political correctness, We have just had an election and the new cabinet has been announced, Much fanfare and smug posturing as we learned that it was a good mix of ethnicities, gender, diverse leanings etc etc. Whatever happened to the best people for the job. i feel better now.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

I don't think anything is ever an "all" thing. I think it's probably the most poorly used word in the English language.
Glad you're feeling better!

Meditations in Motion said...

I love your "All Women are______" stance. How true - we are not ALL anything! And I also agree with you on the meme. We don't want to increase the possibility that this is the last holiday we get to spend with loved ones by inadvertently spreading the virus!

Dee said...

Boy! Your first one really rang a bell with me. JUST because you are a woman it does not make you any better at anything other than birthing babies.

I've had plenty of women bosses that were worse than any man I ever had.

And yes .............there are knitters that aren't very nice (not that I'm going to name names. ) LOL

Kim in Oregon said...

Good on you to respond to that comment.

I think the 'all people are x' is why the polls are always wrong.

Minerva said...

I agree with you on the whole holiday thing. My daughter and family are moving from California to Maryland at the end of this month. They have not yet bought a house, and are staying with us. Covid test for all! And all rules about where you go and who you see will be firmly in place.

Araignee said...

My son in laws grandparents are BOTH in ICU on vents now. She's been on one too long so they are going to have to do a trach tomorrow. The grandfather only had a fever for a few days and then it exploded on him. His oxygen was at 84 when they got him to the ER. The aunt who was their caretaker is also now sick with the worst case of flu like symptoms she has ever had. She is terrified and all alone trying to take care of herself. Add my sister and her husband who took 3 months to get over it and NO. There will be NO holiday get together in my family. How lucky must you be not to have seen this thing up close. We all need to be afraid. Very afraid.
Sorry about the rant but I've had it up to hear with those denial folks.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

We are so much alike!

I agree 100% on the staying home thing. If everyone just stayed home and did only essential things for a couple of months, COVID would peter out pretty quickly. It's not fear, it's common sense - cut off the ability to spread easily, and then you can get together later with a much lower risk.
This year will be the first year in 18 years that Dave and I haven't spent Christmas Eve with his Grandmother. He's not happy about it at all, but he'd rather do that than be the one who gets his grandma so sick she's no longer around.

steph said...

wonderfully said....

the covid issue actually goes without saying (in our household), but obviously many many people need to hear that again and again or we wouldn't be in the mess we're in. (I'm reading a sci-fi book about a bot who gets 'feelings'....and his lament is oh, humans! Sums it up.

and I totally 'get' the living in difficult places...because I'm living in one right now. Kentucky is not a fun state.

Nance said...

I'm so glad you responded to that FB thing. What some people fail to reason through is that a family holiday could very well be The Reason you are seeing that person for the last time. At the risk of being snarky, stop being such a snowflake and do the right thing FOR ONE YEAR'S HOLIDAY for heaven's sake.

I wish FB would disappear, I really do. Its bad far outweighs its good anymore.

And the All Women Are____ thing is also insulting. As is All Men Are _________.