30 September 2022

Going Into A Rainy Weekend

I hope any of you who may be or have been in the path of Hurricane Ian have managed to stay safe. We will be getting what sounds like a LOT of rain from the tail end of it, so it's a good weekend to stay home and be cozy. That's what I'll be doing, except for Sunday when I'll be heading to my shift at the yarn store. The last time it was extremely rainy on a Sunday, my co-worker and I were expecting a quiet day. Instead, it was crazy busy, so who knows what might happen?

Also, tomorrow is the first day of October - one of my most fave months of all! I always feel like October officially brings in the coziness of fall, and I'm more than ready.

Have a wonderful weekend, and take care of yourselves. 


Dee said...

I've cracked out the socks!!! It's FALL y'all!

Hope you have a great weekend.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Ok... I laughed at your picture.. but here I am sitting with TWO cardigans, wool tights, wool socks, and I'm contemplating putting on my fingerless gloves.

We got the rain all week (not hurricane related), and it just cleared up today. It's supposed to be a nice weekend for us so I'm hoping to get my bulbs planted and some of the garden cleaned

Kim in Oregon said...

I hope all you have is a lot of rain! Have a good shift!

Araignee said...

Yeah, that's me. I've dug everything out and am looking for any excuse to wear it all. I'm sitting here wrapped in a shawl right now. The Mister is freezing and wants to turn on the heat but I told him to layer up....lol.

Kym said...

Still fighting the sock-battle here (I really do hate socks). But I have pulled out sweaters and shawls!
Hope you're enjoying a fun shift at the yarn store! XO

Meredith MC said...

Here in Oregon we could really use some rain. It was 85 degrees yesterday, and that’s just not right for October where I live. Everything is so thirsty. So I’m finishing a pair of socks and hoping I’ll have a chance to wear them soon. I love that meme,btw.