18 November 2020

Knitting, Reading, Celebrating

Brrr, it's cold today!  Which is fine with me, 'cause you know it IS November.  

Today I'm joining Kat and others for Unraveled Wednesdays to talk about what I'm knitting, what I'm reading, and then also a celebration for today.

I currently have two projects on the needles - a pair of socks which I have not been able to decently photograph, but if you remember last month when I showed some yarn and a project bag for holiday knitting, it's that - the colorway is called Slothmas, and the bag had Christmas sloths on it.  I'm nearly finished with the leg of the first sock.

The other project is a sweater that is going along nicely:

It took a bit of effort before it started going nicely.  I realized I would need to knit using the helical knitting method.  I could understand it in my brain, but could not get my brain to get my hands to understand it.  Then I watched probably the 5th video I'd tried on YouTube illustrating it and BOOM! it finally made sense.  Since then, I have really been enjoying working on it, and hope to have it finished before the end of the year.  If that doesn't happen, it's no big loss, but it's just a goal I would like to meet if at all possible.

I started this book over the weekend, and am really enjoying it.

I had been looking on Overdrive for one thing, which was not available, and this was one of those "You May Also Be Interested In" titles, and I decided to give it a try.  I think I'm about a third of the way in, and I like it a lot at this point.

We are also celebrating in our house today, as it is The Tim's birthday.  Needless to say, we can't go out to dinner or anything like that, but we are still ready.  He has requested a quiche for dinner, so I've decided to make a mushroom-blue cheese version.  Of course, for dessert, we have the white cake with chocolate frosting he requested.

And there are gifts to open, as one does on one's birthday.

All is well here - a cozy day together with the animals, reading, knitting (at least for me) and celebrating a birthday.  There will also likely be some watching of movies or some shows waiting for us.  We are lucky.


Martha said...

Love the sweater, great job so far. Happy birthday to The Tim! White cake with chocolate frosting is a favorite of mine too but nobody else in my family likes it at all. They tease me and call it sad dry cake lol. What time should I arrive for a slice? ;)

Bonny said...

Wishing Tim a very Happy Birthday! With a delicious dinner, chocolate-frosted cake, and presents, it does sound like a wonderful day. And Christmas sloths? You are lucky!

Kim in Oregon said...

Friday is my Tim's birthday!

Dee said...

Happy birthday, Tim! Enjoy the cake and presents!

steph said...

it's always good to have something to celebrate!!! A birthday is a good one...much better than ' I blew the leaves off the patio' celebration day (which I celebrated LAST week, btw).

Kym said...

I hope Tim enjoyed a wonderful birthday! It looks like you had a very festive celebration planned. (And maybe by next year, we'll all be able to celebrate our birthdays differently.) I think your sweater looks terrific! XO

Nance said...

I LOVE that sweater. The colour is working up beautifully.

And, that cake combo is one of my faves. Especially if it is kept in the fridge. Cold cake is the best.

sprites said...

Belated wishes to The Tim for a happy birthday.