18 November 2015


There is only one thing I have to say today, and that is:

Happy Birthday to My Sweetie!

Today is The Tim's birthday, and we have both taken the day off.  We'll be going out to dinner, and there will be wine, cake, and presents later.  I don't know the exact plans for the day, since he was working last night, and isn't out of bed yet this morning.  But if nothing else, we'll have fun just not having to think about a schedule.

The only thing he doesn't like about his birthday is that it means that for four months we are the same age, and he can't mock me for being older ... but he makes up for it during the other eight months of the year! :-)

Hooray for birthdays!!

NaBloPoMo Day #18


Araignee said...

Have a great day!
I am four months older than The Mister and he loves to rub it in too. Me being in December and he in April makes it all the worse because it's a whole different year-me in 53 and him in 54. I also graduated a whole year earlier because I was a December baby.

Kim in Oregon said...

Happy birthday! My Tim's birthday is Friday!

elns said...

Happy Birthday to the Tim! I know you two will enjoy the day together. All the best!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to The Tim! Hope you had a wonderful day of celebration!

Marie said...

Happy Birthday to The Tim! I'm older than my husband, too -- 15+ years. He keeps his mouth shut about the difference, because we decided early on that it doesn't matter.