13 November 2015

This Day

This day has many things going on that make me happy.

It's Friday - which means that once I leave work, it's the weekend!  YAY!  My big plans include getting my haircut tomorrow morning, and attempting to do a little bit of birthday shopping.  On Sunday, depending on what else is/is not happening, I might walk over to Loop and sit and knit with the group for a bit.  They do a knitting circle on Sundays from 2-4.  

And it's not JUST Friday - its Friday the 13th!  This pleases me, because instead of worrying about it, I think of black cats all day.  I have had two black cats in my life (at least so far), and anyone who thinks they are bad luck is just plain old wrong.  I love black kitty cats!

To add to the list of why today pleases me, we have the actual date of today:


Today marks the last day this century that can be written as consecutive odd numbers.  This article can tell you when to mark your calendar for the next one ... 

(For someone who truly sucks at math, I do love numbers!)

It also helps that it actually feels like fall today - though apparently next week it will be warm again.  That is disappointing, but I'm gonna just enjoy the cool weather while I can, especially given what else I have to enjoy as listed above.  


By the way, a HUGE THANK YOU for your comments and suggestions for The Tim's birthday and Christmas.  I'm still plugging away, seeing what I come up with, but your ideas were a big help, and I do appreciate your willingess to share.  I just think that everyone should have one gift to actually open on their birthday, Christmas, etc.,  This weekend will give me the chance to see if I can take advantage of anything you guys offered.

Have a lovely weekend - and a wonderful Friday!

NaBloPoMo Day #13


Caffeine Girl said...

That is very cool about the date. I am terrible at math, too, but share your love of numbers. I bet I'd really love them if I understood them better.

Good luck with the birthday shopping!

elns said...

Haha, I love that Downton quote. I am so excited about this weekend. My goal is less is more.

I like black cats. And I'm not super creeped out by Friday the 13th. But if something unfortunate happens on the day. I will get a little goosey about it. hahaha!

Araignee said...

Happy weekend!

Kym said...

I love "fun" dates that line up . . just so . . .like that. :-)
Good luck with the birthday shopping.