28 November 2015


Oh I have enjoyed this long weekend, with still this evening and tomorrow left!  It's just the best.

Our Thanksgiving Day was lovely.  Quiet, cozy, and enjoyable, just as it should be.  Our dinner was incredibly yummy, and the wine cranberry sauce I mentioned that I made was really good - more tart than the canned kind and with a little bit more depth.  It was all just so wonderful, just one of the many reasons I love Thanksgiving.

Not much else has been happening.  Yesterday The Tim was working during the day, and I had some medical tests early in the day.  Once I got home, I did some of my little projects around the house.  We had leftovers for dinner, and then went to see a play, which was really fun (the tickets were one of The Tim's birthday gifts).

Today I headed to the library to pick up a book on hold (and of course, ended up with two additional ones), and then came home to pull out the box o' gifts to see what we had for Christmas and for whom, so that we know what gifts are still needed.  It's always fun, because a lot of times, I completely forget what I had, and finding it again is like I got it for free.  We're not in bad shape, and most people will end up getting books once we take advantage of Employee Discount Days at the bookstore.  :-)

I am nearly finished knitting the cuff of the socks I want to make for The Tim, now with the gray yarn, which is the correct one!  I'm gonna do the best I can, but if nothing else, they can be a gift for Valentine's Day ...

The Tim is working the closing shift tonight, so it's just me and the critters for the evening.  We have the Notre Dame game to watch, and I have my knitting, so other than taking Dug out for his evening walk, we're set.

I love the Thanksgiving weekend.  :-)

NaBloPoMo Day #28


Mereknits said...

Books are the best presents ever I think. So glad you hare having a wonderful weekend.

Araignee said...

Sounds like you had a great time!