07 November 2015

More Saturday Smiles

I had no special plans this weekend - well at least not any specific plans with anyone else.  Today was a gloomy, cool day (cool at last!), and The Tim had to work the closing shift at the bookstore, so we didn't make any plans for going anyplace either.

The good news is, I was able to do some simple things - some every weekend, some for today - without feeling like I was missing out on anything.  It's been a nice simple quiet day, with these highlights:

During our walk this morning, Dug and I met Odin, a four-month-old pewter Harlequin Great Dane puppy. Dug and The Tim had met him before, and I'd heard about how amazingly cute he was, but today was the first time I saw for myself.  He is the most adorable, ridiculous puppy, and he loves Dug!  Fortunately, he is kinda laid back for a puppy, so Dug was not overwhelmed.

I walked up to the library to pick up a book that was on hold for me, and looked around and picked up another book as well.  Someone by Alice McDermott has been on my to-read list for a while, and I can't wait to read it now.  I also checked out Betrayal, by Lisa Scottoline.  It's one of the Rosato & Associates series that I haven't head a chance to read yet, and I know it will be fun.

We watched the football game between Notre Dame and Pitt.  It was a good game, and even though Pitt is a school I have always liked, I wanted Notre Dame to win more, and was happy when they did.

I sorted through - "Kon-Mari"-ed - my jewelry.  I have a ton of cheapo costume jewelry, years' worth (truly).  I went through everything and put a lot in bags to donate to a local organization that helps women coming off welfare find jobs.  The stuff I kept, I organized so that I will actually see it and know what I have.   Getting that done was a real sense of accomplishment, since it's been on my mind for quite a while.

Laundry.  The last load is currently in the dryer.

In a little bit, I'll take Dug for his evening walk, and then I'm gonna come home and take a bubble bath.  I don't take them as often as I used to, and few things are as enjoyable and relaxing as a bubble bath, in my opinion.

Then it will be time for reading or knitting or just watching bad TV.  Theoretically, I'll stay up until The Tim comes home and catch up with him.  In reality I will likely go to bed and see him tomorrow.

And then there are these three:

(I have no idea where Milo was when this picture was taken - probably off revenge peeing somewhere ...)

A Saturday of nothing special, but a lovely day nonetheless full of simple things.

And still another day left to the weekend!

Happy NaBloPoMo Day #7.  :-)


Danette Bartelmay said...

It's the Simple things that make our lives the most special...

Angel The Alien said...

Wow, your day was a lot more productive than mine! I am nursing a cold, so I just stayed home in my jammies and slept.

Araignee said...

The simple days are the best. I love waking up and knowing I have nothing that I have to do.

KSD said...

I took a bubble bath tonight --- first one is ages. Hope yours was as relaxing and refreshing as mine.

Kim in Oregon said...

Great minds: I posted an 'animal hanging out' photo today too!