03 November 2015

The Great American Novel

For Ten on Tuesday this week, Carole wants us to do the following:  

10 Sentences That You Think Would Make Great Opening Lines for a Novel

In my head over the years, I have written several novels - all award-winning, and all making me the toast of the literary world.  In reality, I have never even tried writing a book, though it is still a fantasy.  

Here is my chance to throw out some ideas ("throw out" being the operative term ...)

1.  People found it amusing when they found out we had three accordions.

2.  I hate people, but at differing levels, which is why some of them are still alive.

3.  It was hard to believe that she had a year's worth of stories from prison.

4.  Maria found nothing more addicting or as enjoyable as jewelry theft.

5.   Snow.

6.  On my fourth birthday, I became the only survivor of a plane crash.

7.  Oh God - it really was "hotter than Billy-be-damned." 

8.  Sam thought his date was fun, until she started waxing poetic about proctology.

9.  She realized with dismay that if she hadn't gotten there by now, it was unlikely she would ever get to visit Saskatchewan.

10.  When you wake up in the middle of the street, in the dark, covered in blood and with your glasses broken, you have to wonder how you got there.

Well, that was fun!

Have you written any books with killer opening lines recently?  ;-)

Happy NaBloPoMo Day 3!


Bonny said...

I wish your novel writing was on paper and not just in your head! I enjoyed your first lines, especially #2. I really want to know what comes next and the rest of the story!

Araignee said...

I do the same thing. I get a great idea, start writing in my head and then am too lazy to actually write it down-even though I have no issue spending hours on my blog.

Donna said...

I am so jealous of all this creativity today. I think a bunch of you should get together and write a novel!!

Linda said...

These are all great! Number one reminds me of my Mom - she used to play the accordion! She loved to play it on the front porch when my dates showed up - LOL! And I also really liked Number 6 and Number 10....

Linda in VA

Lynn said...

These are great!! I think #2 is my favorite!!

Danette Bartelmay said...

I'm laughing out loud here!
I think #2 is my favorite.
My favorite knitting saying is,
"I Knit so I don't Kill People."
I SO enjoy your blog Bridget!

Caffeine Girl said...

Get writing, girl! Those are great. I especially like #2.

Patty said...

These are so good! I love #4...I hope she steals diamonds!:-) And Boone did get his walk! It was chilly this morning!

Anonymous said...

#2 --- absolutely #2.

If it wasn't for knitting and knowing that they wouldn't allow my dpns in prison, there might be more missing people. ;-)

dianne said...

I love #2! Which begs the question... what happened to the rest of them.... :-0

Kwizgiver said...

So creative!

Unknown said...

So many creative selections, but # 2 is my absolute favorite!

Kym said...

LOVE #2! And I'd keep turning the pages after reading #10, too!

KSD said...

#5 is killer, but I can't stop snickering about the accordions!

Marie said...

Number 2 is my favorite!

Literary Feline said...

I would buy all of your books. :-) I can relate to #2 a little too much maybe. LOL I would definitely read a book beginning with #6. And most definitely #10. These are great.

Lorette said...

I would read every one of those!