17 November 2015

Stupid and Wrong Things Amuse Me

I was gonna participate in Ten on Tuesday today, but the topic was to list 10 Places Where You Hang Out.  I couldn't even come up with five.  "Home" pretty much qualified for #1-10 ...

So instead, here's what you get.


I'll admit that I am easily amused.  I adore puns, and love wordplay.

Sometimes, things at work amuse me. 

1. For instance, right near the Library, there is a diorama of a panda "family" - two adults and a cub.  A few weeks ago, a woman and a little kid were standing in front of it when I walked by, and had this conversation.

Kid:  Where did they get these pandas?  How did they end up here?
Woman (clearly uncomfortable):  They died of natural causes.
Kid (looking disgusted, and pointing to the cub):  You're telling me *that* one died of natural causes?

2. Overheard as two kids come up the steps.

Kid #1: Let's go see the mummies!
Kid #2: That's not even interesting.  All they are is bones and paper.

3. Yesterday I cataloged an entomology book published in 1930, and the author's name was:  C. Yuwa Wong.  I know it's terrible of me, but I laughed until I cried.  Seriously, say it to yourself out loud.  You can't deny it's amusing, even if it's rude to laugh about it.

4. This is one I may have already told you about a while back, but something happened the other day that reminded me of it.  A former co-worker asked me once for a recipe for what I had in my lunch, and I said I'd e-mail it to her.  She responded:  "You can just tell me, I have a photogenic memory."  I was tempted to ask if I could see one of the pictures.  But she would have had no idea in the universe what I meant ...

What about you?  Are you as easily amused as I am?

NaBloPoMo Day #17


Kim in Oregon said...

I am totally laughing out loud at number 3 and I keep whispering it to myself!

Lorraine said...

Bridget- FC has that type of humour and laughs at all that. Most of the time it bypasses me.

Linda said...

I am easily amused! And I tend to crack myself up a lot over the things I say - to the tv, to the car radio - and so on!!

I didn't participate in 10 on Tuesday - because most of the places I used to "hang out" at are gone! So I would have come up with about 5 also - maybe less!

Linda in VA

Chere Mama said...


Araignee said...

Too funny!
When I was a first grade teacher I spent many a day laughing behind my hands at some of the things that flew out of the dear little kiddie's mouths. One of my biggest laughs came when I was calling roll on the first day of school and I came to the name Oma Balls-a girl. Yep. For real. It got worse because down the list was Santa Clause-another girl. I could barely wait to get to the teacher's room for lunch. It was an interesting year.

KSD said...

Brilliant. "Bones and paper" is staggeringly good.