02 November 2015

Bad Surprise, Good Surprise

As I was walking to work today, all of a sudden I started crying.  I could not for the life of me figure out why.  I am a person who lives with a low level of depression on my best days, and I am an easy crier, but I always know *what* is causing the tears, good or bad.  It really surprised me, and I told myself to pull it together and gave myself a little pep talk, and I was fine again.

I don't remember ever crying without being conscious of why I was crying.  For a couple of minutes, I wondered if something had happened which I'd blocked and was suddenly reminded of it, but if so, it remained blocked even then.

Then I told myself that it was probably Obama's fault.  I realized I have only a year left to blame him for things, so I've gotta really pick up the pace.

Thanks, Obama.


Continuing on my walk, I cut through Rittenhouse Square, because a) it's on the way, b) it's lovely, and c) there are usually lots of people walking their dogs.  I noticed a stroller parked on the grass, and a young woman playing with a Bernese Mountain Dog, and running back and forth to the stroller.  The dog was loving it, the woman looked happy, and you could hear a baby laughing, in that way babies have that make them sound kinda like dirty old men.

When I got to where they were, I told the woman that I was happy to see someone with a baby still enjoying and interacting with their dog.  So many people walk their dogs while walking with a stroller, and seem completely annoyed by the dog's existence, or desire to sniff things.  She said that when she was pregnant, everyone told her that she should get rid of the dog, and/or that she would ignore the dog because the baby would be more important.  She said that really upset her, and that it's never once occurred to her to do anything differently, because her husband and she decided to "fit the baby into their life," not have the world stop because of the baby.  (I immediately wanted to nominate this woman for a Nobel Prize or the Medal of Freedom or something like that.)

I think she said the baby was 8 months old, and boy was she a cutie - red hair, and a big smile.  Whenever the dog would come near here, she would squeal with joy, which also clearly pleased the dog.  The little girl's name was Jane, which I like.  It's an old-fashioned, but nice name, not like Hildegard or something.  (Apologies if your name is Hildegard, I'm sure you are a lovely person.)  The dog's name was Colonel.  They were adorable together.  The woman said that there were days when she gets nothing accomplished because they are both so great, she just enjoys being with them.

I'm glad the good surprise came after the bad one.  And I'm glad there are people like this woman and her husband.  I hope the woman's sister is really annoyed that her prediction proved wrong ...

Happy NaBloPoMo Day 2!  Here is a picture of my great-niece Penn dressed as a mummy for Halloween.


Araignee said...

My son and his wife got a Golden puppy the year before they started popping out grandkids. I am sorry to say they fall in the category that treats the once beloved puppy like a nuisance now that the kids are here. They get ticked at me because I show more attention to the poor dog when I go over than the kids but the kids need a better example at how to treat the furry family member.

Danette Bartelmay said...

I second your motion to nominate this woman for some kind of wonderful prize!
I cannot imagine my world without my dogs!... And my kitties!...
And my children and now my grandchildren all living happily together :-)))
Our furry companions enrich our lives moment by moment.
Now that Scott and I are in the "empty nest" season of life our doggies and kitty fill the empty spaces...
Your little Penn is SO DARN CUTE!
Happy Day,

Lynn said...

I was told the same thing with my cats. I wouldn't have time for them or would get rid of them once my son came. Nope, didnt happen. Everybody got along fine. And sorry for the burst of emotion. I sometimes react stronger to a situation than it calls for. I right it off as all the feels need a place to go and a little crack can turn into a much bigger leak. (hugs) to you.

Anonymous said...

I think what is MOST wonderful about that mom and her dog is ....

1. The dog gets lots of loving attention, as they ALL should.

2. So does Jane, but Jane learns that she is not the center of the universe and she will probably have a life-long love for a pet.

Mom is raising a well-balanced child.

Love Penn in his mummy costume. What a cutie-pie.

(Not going all medical on you, but have you had your thyroid checked. When mine was out of whack I found myself driving down Alafaya Trail crying like a nut. Not that Alafaya Trail is nice, but it certainly doesn't deserve a major league cry down.)

Hope you figure out what it was. Obama might make me go grrrrrrrrr....so far he hasn't made me cry.

elns said...

I felt like I was walking with you or meeting you after for a cup of coffee listening to you. I could "see" it. Does that make sense? Anyhow, I'm glad things ended on an up note. Your great niece is too cute in her Mummyfit.

Patty said...

I remember being told that too! But Tuck and Casey were the pooches and they remained as important as ever. Tuck thought that Dan belonged to him - it would have been impossible to limit interaction! :-)

Literary Feline said...

Penn is adorable! I have always been a crier too. Like you, usually I can pinpoint why I cry, but there are times when I just feel sad for no reason. Or at least I can't think of why. It doesn't happen often fortunately.

I worried about my animals when I had my daughter. It can be hard, especially when those animals are used to getting all of the attention, and suddenly they have to share with a nursing baby that cries a lot. My dog was very jealous. I tried to make sure he was getting plenty of love too, but there was only so much I could do. I admit I considered giving him up when he snapped at my daughter. I cried over it like you wouldn't believe. Many people will think I made the wrong choice, but I didn't give him up. He had reacted to her bumping him while he slept. He was my first dog--like my first child--and I couldn't bear to let him go. My daughter loved him and he tolerated her for the most part. I ended up having to put him down a couple years ago because he had become very sick. Sometimes I wonder if there wasn't more I could have done to ease the transition of bringing a baby into the home. He and I were well bonded. He'd been with me for almost eleven years before my daughter. I did everything the books said--tried to prepare the cats too. I had to say goodbye to him two years ago because his health had declined so much. I still miss him.

Angel The Alien said...

I love what you wrote about the couple with the dog and the new baby! It seems like many people think a pet (especially a dog) is a "stand-in" for a baby, and when a couple acquires an actual baby, the dog is no longer important. When my brother and his girlfriend had a baby, everyone kept saying about his dog, "Now she's going to have to get used to being JUST THE DOG." A baby and a dog can both be part of the same family! If both are taught to be respectful and gentle with one another, they can grow to be best friends!