19 November 2020

Silver Linings

Today is the day after The Tim's birthday (which was lovely, and he liked all of his gifts), and officially one week until Thanksgiving, the coziest day of the year, at least in my opinion.  There's a lot of sadness and hand-ringing for a lot of people because they cannot travel and/or won't be able to get together with others to celebrate.  It's not a big deal for us, because we have had both Thanksgiving and Christmas with just the two of us and the furballs for years, so unlike everyone else, we're looking forward to the same things we always get to do.  

One of my co-workers is from Baltimore, and she always goes home for both holidays.  But this year, she is giving up a trip home for Thanksgiving so she can quarantine herself before and after for a trip home for Christmas.  She said that she gets to see more people at Christmastime anyway.  Her mom was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, so she doesn't want to cause any problems.  I do feel bad for her, since she lives alone, and normally I would invite her to join us, but not this year.  We have arranged a Zoom during the day on Thanksgiving, to knit and chat and have a glass of wine together, so hopefully that will help some if she is feeling lonely.  Since The Tim does a lot of napping, it's not like it will interfere with any of our plans.  😏 

But I digress.

Today is Three on Thursday, and I decided to join Carole and everyone else this week.  My topic is Three Silver Linings to Wearing a Mask (as opposed to most people who are bitching and moaning about it.  Get over it and wear one!).

1. Unlike in hot and humid summer weather, wearing a mask when it's cool/cold is an extra layer of warm for your face.  And does not necessarily feel as confining as wearing a scarf wrapped around your face and head securely (at least not to me).

2.  You can "treat" a runny nose without looking like a freak show.  As soon as cool/cold weather starts, my nose runs like a faucet when I am outside for more than 2 minutes.  (Kim and I have commiserated about runny noses, sneezing, etc., while wearing a mask.)  What I do before I put on my mask is take a tissue and fold it lengthwise.  Then I stick an end into each nostril (enough to hold it there, not enough to make me feel like my breathing is impaired), and put on my mask.  As I walk along, my runny nose is controlled by said tissue, and no one is the wiser.  Once I'm at my destination, I just toss the tissue.  It's not pretty, certainly, and in it's own way it's gross, but it sure is a lot better than dabbing under my nose with tissues every two seconds.  You can thank me later.

3.  No one knows if you are making a face at them or sticking out your tongue at them.  It's nice to be able to do this with people who are deserving, and yet they never know.  It pleases me so much, that I will truly miss being able to do this when someday we are no longer having to wear masks.  And I also have to say that, if someone is *really* smiling (as opposed to a small grin or whatever), I can always tell by looking at their eyes, and I know that when I really smile, my eyes show it as well.  Granted, if you are wearing sunglasses, you are being inscrutable anyway, so this does not apply.

So if nothing else, remember - if you are a person with a cold face, runny nose, and who likes to make faces at others without social repercussions - embrace the mask!

Of course, for some it's easier said than done ...


Bonny said...

I've happily embraced your third silver lining since I started wearing masks. I get a lot of satisfaction out of making faces or sticking my tongue out at the many people in MD that feel the proper way to wear a mask is below their nose. Poor Vincent!

Patty said...

I like it!

Nance said...

Oh, Vincent. If only you'd planned ahead.

My son, who has to work with The Public, has embraced mask-wearing. He has come into contact with a great many IDIOTS, and he loves being able to mouth insults and profanities at them with them being none the wiser. And, since they must stand back from his desk at least six feet, he sometimes mutters these things aloud in a very low voice. If they say anything, "Excuse me, I didn't hear you," he says, "Oh, I'm just talking to myself while I fill out this paperwork," or something.

I thank you for your other Silver Linings. Having a warm face and a less snotty one will be game-changers for me this winter.

Martha said...

Love it! I really like wearing a mask because it means no makeup and it hides my wrinkles lol! I may always wear one even when this is over. :D

KSD said...

Poor, poor Vincent.

I've heard about layering in a tissue to keep one's glasses from fogging up, but your idea is even better. Invention's mother and all that.

Ellen D. said...

Yes, I like how the mask keeps my nose warm in winter or sunburn free in summer! Also, I have not been suffering from chapped lips while wearing my mask!

Meditations in Motion said...

I am a huge fan of silver linings (and The Silver Linings Playbook was one of my favorite movies). I never thought of #3, but now I will keep it in mind when dealing with difficult people. :)

Minerva said...

Aww, poor Vincent! He would need a custom mask, for sure!

I like your 3 silver linings. Never thought about that nose trick. My nose runs in the cold, too. Good idea!
Today when I was at the grocery store, An older woman walked in without a mask. I looked at her and tugged on mine. She looked at me like I was crazy. I did it again, and finally a light went on! She dug one our of her purse and put it on. She had totally forgotten.

karen said...

another plus: you are not catching any colds, flu or other crud you would ordinarily catch pre mask wearing days.