29 November 2015

Thanksgiving Sunday in Headlines

I'm stealing this idea from Kym, because I like it, and I have many different things rumbling around in my brain, but no single coherent thoughts that I can gather for a post.

"Local Woman Stays Up Past 11:00 On a Saturday Night, Is Disappointed When Her Team Loses Game"

"Woman Realizes It Is the First Sunday of Advent, Makes It to Church Across Town Just On Time"

"House Smells Better After Baseboards Cleaned with 'Nature's Miracle' - Will Cat Stop Spraying?"

"Dog Meets Oppossum, Wants to Be Friends; Oppossum Leaves Area"

"People Start Whining When Temperature Drops"

"Woman Pleased When 'O Come, O Come Emmanuel' Sung at Local Church"

"Plans Made to Put Away Thanksgiving Decorations on Monday"

That's really about it.  I hope your weekend has been headline worthy, in a good way.  :-)

NaBloPoMo Day #29


Kim in Oregon said...

"O Come O Come Emanuel" is my favorite song of the season--and we don't hear it nearly enough!

Mereknits said...

"Football family weekend saved after a Buckeye win following a Packer loss"

Caffeine Girl said...

Very cute!
People certainly do complain when the temperatures drop -- especially people from Florida and California! They were relieved to return to warmth.

Araignee said...

Too funny! I went through the baseboard thing recently. I even bought a black light. I wish I hadn't. Ignorance is bliss.